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Disability Policy for Undergraduate Academic Colleges


Ohio Northern University does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities. Accordingly, the school will provide reasonable academic accommodations when the student provides sufficient documentation describing his or her disability and the accommodation(s) requested in accordance with school procedures.


Initial Qualification for Academic Accommodations – Form 101

To initially qualify for special accommodations, students must submit a written Request for Academic Accommodations (Form 101, available on-line or in the Dean’s Office of the student’s college of enrollment). Form 101 should be submitted to Tracey Harris, Student Disability Coordinator, as early as possible, preferably before the term begins.

Required Documentation – Form 102

In addition to submitting Form 101, students are required to submit the documentation listed in Form 102.  The disability services representative in each college has the discretion to authorize alternative supportive documentation. The documentation listed on Form 102 should be submitted to Tracey Harris, Student Disability Coordinator, as early as possible, preferably before the term begins.  No accommodations will be considered before this form is received.  Reasonable accommodation is necessarily implemented on a prospective basis and only once adequate documentation is received.

After initial review by the Student Disability Coordinator, additional documentation may be required.


All information collected as part of a student’s accommodation request will be securely maintained in the student’s accommodation file in the office of the Student Disability Coordinator.  As a condition of requesting accommodations, students must provide written authorization prior to the start of every term for (Form 103) for faculty teaching the students classes, as well as members of the accommodations appeal committee to review the information in the student’s accommodation file.

In addition, students may be asked to sign a HIPAA Compliant Authorization (Form 104 – a substitute provided by the student’s healthcare professional is also acceptable) to permit the healthcare professional(s) identified by the student to disclose specific health information to Ohio Northern University.

Notice and Appeal

Normally, the disability services representative will notify the student, in writing, of the decision of whether to allow any or all of the student’s requested accommodations within one week of the student’s submission of all of the required information.

Students who believe an accommodations plan is inadequate should first discuss the plan with the disability services representative of his/her college, preferably before the start of the academic term. If the student still believes the plan is inadequate, the student may appeal the plan. A written appeal must be submitted to the Accommodations Appeal Committee by the second week of the term, or within two weeks of the student receiving the accommodations plan if the accommodations were not in place at the beginning of the term. No appeals may be brought in the last two weeks of the term.

Accommodations appeals are handled by the college of the student’s registration. The Committee will review the written statements of the student and information supplied by the faculty member(s) and dean. The Committee will normally, within 5 days of receipt of the written appeal, either affirm the accommodation plan provided by the college dean or specify in writing to the faculty member(s), student, and dean an alternative accommodation plan for the student. All discussions and written statements concerning the circumstances of the accommodations appeal are to be kept confidential, to the extent possible and as required by applicable law, by all persons involved in the appeals process.

The student has the responsibility to initiate the appeals procedure promptly at each step so that any appeal requested can be completed in a timely manner.

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