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If you decide to travel during university breaks, or you return home at any time, check with International Services to make sure you bring the correct paperwork and there won't be any issues returning to the U.S.

F-1 students, your I-20 must be signed by the DSO. Signatures are good for 1 year.  Be sure to bring your passport, visa and I-20 when you travel.

J-1 students, you must have a visa that allows for 'multiple entries' before you decide to travel. Often, you will have to consult with your sponsoring agency before you travel abroad. Be sure to bring your passport, a valid visa, and DS 2019 signed by the Responsible Officer (RO) or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO).


U.S. Travel - Take a look at this Traveling Guide for tips on: 

  • Planning your trip
  • Transportation options (ONU shuttle, taxi, bus, airports, car rentals)
  • Where to stay
  • What to bring

If you're traveling to New York City or Washington, D.C., this document explains the sites you will want to see!

PDF icon US_Travel_Info.pdf7.54 MB
PDF icon NYC & DC.pdf28.21 MB