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Disability Resources

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES (Student Handbook 2013-14)

Federal regulations require the University to modify its academic requirements to insure those requirements do not discriminate or have the effect of discriminating against qualified disabled students on the basis of disability.

At the same time, academic requirements that are demonstrably essential to the program of instruction being pursued or directly relate to a licensing requirement are not regarded as discriminatory. The regulations require faculty members, in their course examinations or other student evaluation procedures, to use evaluation methods that best insure the results of the evaluation will represent the student’s achievement in the course, rather than reflecting the student’s impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills (except where those skills are the factors the test purports to measure).

The following are the procedures to be followed when a student requests accommodation for a disability:

  1. Disabled student requests accommodation in writing from dean of college to which student is admitted. Request must be accompanied by a written diagnosis from an appropriate professional made within three years prior to the request. The diagnosis must include a clear recommendation describing what services or accommodations are appropriate for the student.
  2. Original of written diagnosis kept in Registrar’s Office. A copy is kept in a file in college of registration.
  3. Dean of college of registration reviews written diagnosis and recommendations and establishes accommodations plan for student.
  4. Student is informed of accommodation plan. Student who believes plan is inadequate is entitled to appeal.
  5. Student signs statement prior to each academic term permitting University officials to supply accommodation plan to appropriate faculty members (teachers of student) and staff (deans, advisors).
  6. Signed statement is placed in file in Registrar’s Office. Copy kept in student file in college of registration.
  7. College of registration provides appropriate faculty members with accommodation plan before each academic term.



  1. A student who has completed these procedures has the right to appeal an accommodations plan established by the office of the dean which the student feels is inadequate for his/her needs. The student should first discuss the accommodations plan with the dean of the college of registration who determined the plan during, or before, the first week of the academic term. If the student still believes the plan is inadequate, the student may appeal the plan. A written appeal must be submitted by the end of the second week of the term to the Accommodations Appeals Committee of the college of the student’s registration established as provided below in paragraph 3.

    A student who provides documentation of new or changed circumstances of his/her disabilities which arise after an academic term has begun may request a new or different accommodation plan after the first two weeks of that term. The procedures of this section will then be followed. No appeal can be brought in the final two weeks of the academic term.
  2. Accommodations appeals shall be handled only by the college of the student’s registration. The Committee will review the written statements of the student and information supplied by the faculty member(s) and dean. The Committee shall, within five days of receipt of the written appeal, either affirm the accommodation plan provided by the college dean or specify in writing to the faculty member(s), student and dean, an alternative accommodation plan for the student. All discussions and written statements concerning the circumstances of the accommodations appeal are to be kept confidential by all persons involved in the appeals process.
  3. The Accommodations Appeals Committee shall be composed of the following members: (1) one faculty member designated from the student’s college of registration; (2) one faculty member designated from each department/college offering a course for which the student has requested an accommodation plan; and (3) one faculty member or student selected by the appealing student. Each department/college shall elect a faculty member and an alternate at the beginning of each academic year to serve as its department/college representative(s) for accommodations appeals. A faculty member involved in an appeal procedure shall not serve on the Committee. In that event, the faculty member will be replaced on the Committee for this appeal by the alternate faculty member selected by the department/college.  
  4. The student has the responsibility to initiate the appeals procedure promptly at each step so that any appeal requested can be completed in a timely manner.


PARKING FOR DISABLED (Student Handbook 2013-14)

Areas designated as parking for disabled must only be used by disabled individuals. Any use by other than disabled students constitutes a violation that will result in a parking fine. In order to park in a parking area for the disabled, a student must have an appropriate parking sticker placed on the car. These can only be obtained through the state of residence.