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The Importance of Internships

Dan Schifer and Jason Duff

The Importance of Internships

  • Gain valuable experience in your chosen career field
  • Add prestige and substance to your résumé
  • Great networking opportunity
  • Meet mentors
  • Potential full-time employment

According to 2006 Experiential Education Survey, conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 76 percent of employers say the primary purpose of sponsoring internships is to recruit entry-level talent. On average, 53 percent of interns were converted to full-time hires. In addition, 83 percent of employers reported higher retention rates for those with internship experience, compared to those with no such experience.

What ONU Alumni Say About internships



Karla interned with Hartzell Fan during summer 2006, which developed her overall business and communication skills and ultimately prepared her for her current position.

"Interning for Hartzell Fan provided me with hands-on, real-life experience that I would not have received in the classroom. The experience allowed me to grow professionally, and I am positive it assisted in my search for professional employment."

"Hartzell Fan, an industrial fan manufacturer with facilities in Piqua, Ohio, and Portland, Ind., had two Ohio Northern University business interns during the 2008 summer assisting our sales and marketing departments as well as the president. Jessica Begonia, marketing intern, and Isaac Bernard, sales intern, both worked in the Piqua office under the director of sales and marketing and the marketing communications manager


Both interns were involved in numerous projects, including jointly developing a sales and marketing plan for an international venture, which they presented to our Board of Directors in August 2008. They also jointly prepared a sales and marketing plan for a new e-commerce website. In addition to these joint projects, Isaac worked on a special strategic costing and pricing project, and Jessica worked on updating a competitors' product analysis that was originally completed in summer 2006 by another ONU business intern, Karla Geise.

They also participated in a New Sales Representative Training Workshop in which they had the opportunity to interact with sales representatives from all over the country and Canada. Jessica and Isaac were both a definite asset to Hartzell Fan this summer and hopefully have gained considerable experience that will benefit them in their careers."
George D. Atkinson, president, Hartzell Fan Inc.

Matt Schimmoeller, BA '07

MattCoordinating producer, Media Source, Columbus, Ohio
Earned a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and Electronic Media and Minor in Public Relations in 2007.

"Internships are such a valuable stepping stone in the path to starting your career after college. Learning first hand in a working business environment gives you that on-the-job experience that you can't absorb from a text book. The biggest reward for me as an intern was getting a feel for the work flow, interacting with people engrained in the business and getting to know how they operate from day to day.

I was incredibly fortunate to intern at Media Source, where I really felt it would be a good place to start my career, but would be satisfied with an incredible intern experience. I had no idea that they would hire me a whole two weeks after graduating. Getting your foot in the door, building relationships with professionals in the field, that is what makes internships so valuable. Always prepare yourself to be successful."

Jason Duff, BSBA '04 (pictured top right)

President and CEO of Community Storage & Properties Ltd., located in Huntsville, Ohio.

"I know first-hand the value of interning and getting experiential learning while in college. While at ONU, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Cuba. This experience challenged me to better understand different cultures, governments, and the power of entrepreneurship and free market principles in a changing world. Not only was it educational, but it was incredibly fun and entertaining.

As an entrepreneur, and having my own company, I am in a position to hire interns. I like having ONU interns; they are ready, willing and able. I have had students who single-handedly designed websites, created powerful marketing brochures, and provided technology advice and support to experienced professionals in my office."