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Educational Technology

There are many resources and training options available. If you have any questions please feel free to contact  any of the educational technology specialists or email

Joseph Blankson, PhD
Educational Technology Specialist

Welcome! This site is meant to be a resources site for Ohio Northern University Faculty and Staff, who are actively pursuing the use of technology in teaching and learning.

Take a moment and watch the video or read what current ONU faculty, Chris North, and Scott Rogers are saying about the training they participated in and how they are integrating various technology tools into their classrooms.

Chris North Video


Moodle Workshop Experience

I  think the Moodle training workshops offered a thorough, but not overwhelming introduction to the Moodle interface. I've used plenty of other course management systems in the past, but Moodle is more flexible and more powerful. Of course, this could mean that Moodle will be daunting for some. What I liked best about the workshops, however, is that they are not simply focused on what Moodle can do (i.e. it's wide range of bells and whistles); rather, the workshops introduce those aspects of Moodle that meet the core needs of the classroom teacher. The instructors do an excellent job of highlighting how Moodle influences and enhances classroom practice. The training is not about technology, it's about teaching. For me, the workshops were a solid introduction to a new tool and an opportunity to think about how my teaching can be enhanced using new classroom technologies.

Scott Rogers. PhD - Assistant Professor of English