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Why Work With Us

Why Work With ONU On Your Rule of Law Project?

Ohio Northern is the only academic institution in the United States to offer a full curriculum, and a degree, in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law. ONU’s program is especially strong in drafting and implementing legislation in regulatory and administrative law and procedures, judicial reform, post-conflict transitional justice, international NGO law, anticorruption and human rights.

Faculty expertise in these areas – not just experience on the ground, but a thorough understanding of the newest ideas and literature in the field – gives the Center a unique perspective on current development and law reform issues. Professors and staff at ONU have extensive professional experience in rule of law projects – most of them with USAID funding, and many of them in the capacity of chief-of-party or equivalent – in a wide range of fields, and in a wide range of countries.

Faculty areas of expertise include:

  • Administrative law (Legal drafting, FOIA, administrative justice and public participation)
  • Human Rights and Transitional Justice (Human rights promotion, training for judges and lawyers, post-conflict criminal prosecutions)
  • Judicial Reform (Establishing and restructuring court systems, dealing with customary law, drafting constitutional provisions for judicial independence, reforming court administration, promotion of access to justice)

Next Generation Reform speaks with students about strengthening the rule of law


    The Center also enjoys the added benefit of an extensive network of LL.M. alumni representing 32 countries. This network enables the Center to tap into local knowledge and resources particularly quickly, and to obtain both insight and connections from local legal professional who are fully versed in the field of law and governance reform.