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Colloquium Registration Form

DEADLINE Friday, March 11, 2016

While students, faculty, and employees from other institutions may be involved in the research or serve as authors, only ONU students are permitted to present research at the colloquium. Therefore, presenter(s), author(s), and researcher(s) are listed separately on this form.

ONU Student Presenter(s)
Presenter 1
Presenter 2
Presenter 3
Presenter 4
Presenter 5
Presenter 6
Presenter 7
Presenter 8
Research Information
List the first and last name(s) of those who conducted the research. If the researcher is not affiliated with Ohio Northern University, enter the researcher's institution in parentheses after the name. Separate the names of team members with a comma. EXAMPLE: Adam Smith (U of Glasgow), Marie Curie (U of Paris), Sigmund Freud (U of Vienna)
To select up to two (2) research disciplines hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key and click on the two disciplines you'd like to select. If you select "other," enter the discipline below.
If your research advisor is on the faculty of Ohio Northern University, he or she is also your colloquium sponsor, and you should leave this blank. Identify an ONU faculty member who has agreed to sponsor you for the colloquium only if your research advisor is affiliated with another institution.
Presentation Information
Capitalize the first and last word of your title as well as all nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the title. Scientific (Latin) names, Greek symbols, chemical formulae, and mathematical equations are exceptions to this rule and should follow the capitalization conventions of the research discipline.
Maximum 200 words. Use proper spelling, capitalization, spacing, and punctuation. The abstract should include the problem or question under investigation, the methods (to be) used, the (predicted) results, and the (predicted) conclusions or interpretation of results. Please have your faculty sponsor review and approve your abstract before you submit it.
Students may present their research in more than one venue (i.e. both paper and poster), but a separate registration form must be completed for EACH presentation intended.
Paper presenters will have available a microphone and a computer connected to a projector; presentations should be saved to a flashdrive for projection. Poster presenters will have available a free-standing display board and push pins. Other equipment may be requested. If you select "other," indicate what you need below.