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About Poster Presentations

What Is a Poster Presentation?

Poster presentations can cover virtually any discipline and are presented visually (via the poster) and orally (though conversation with your audience).  As a poster presenter, you’ll need a firm grasp of your material and to be comfortable with extemporaneous speaking because you’ll be responding to impromptu questions from those who stop by your poster, many of whom may have little understanding of your discipline.  You should maintain an approachable and pleasant demeanor, neither aggressively accosting nor hiding from those who stroll by.

How Long Will My Poster Presentation Last?

Posters will be grouped into 45-60-minute sessions with others from the same or related disciplines. Presenters should stand by their poster for the duration of the session.  Presenters should arrive shortly before the session begins to register, find their assigned locations, and mount their displays.

How Large Should My Poster Be?

Your poster should be between 3 to 4 feet high and 4 to 5 feet wide.  The title of the presentation must be easily read at a distance of four feet. Each poster should include the title of the presentation and the author(s) and affiliation(s). You should also include your research advisor and his or her institution.  A point size of 16-18 or larger is recommended for body text, although this will vary with prose, graphs, charts, etc. The posters will be displayed on vertical partitions or easels with foam-core backing.  You will be provided with appropriate materials to hang your poster. 

When and Where Will I Present My Paper?

You will present your poster in the Activities Room and Ballroom of ONU's McIntosh Center. Your specific time and location will be sent to you once the schedule is finalized.