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Undergraduate Research

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Year Title Researcher(s)
2014 The Effect of Gender Dominance Portrayals and Media Type on Body Image Coral Shuster, Haley O’Hara and McKenna Early
2014 Racial and Ethnic Kidney Transplant Disparities Maria Kay Daley
2014 Post-learning Stress Facilitates Long-term Memory Consolidation Rachael L. Aufdenkampe, Callie M. Brown, Amanda R. Scharf, Alison M. Dailey, McKenna B. Early, Courtney L. Knippen, Elizabeth D. Scholl, Andrea E. Kalchik, David M. Peters, Chelsea E. Cadle, Boyd R. Rorabaugh, Phillip Zoladz
2014 Manipulation of Physical Pain Tolerance as a Result of Optimistic/Neutral Confederate Cue Jennifer N. Cramer, Brandon Johnson, Eric Eisenmann, Jessica Cunningham, Phillip Zoladz
2014 Impact of Peer Habits and Sleep Problems on Drug Use Chahdael B. Smith
2014 Emile Durkheim’s Suicide Theory and Media Body Pressures Julie A. Rice
2014 Criminal Recidivism and Mental Illness Perspectives from Durkheim and Goffman Rachael Aufdenkampe
2014 An Analysis of the World Wrestling Entertainment Using Critical Theory Thelma E. Schweigel
2014 ADRA2B Deletion Variant Selectively Predicts Stress-induced Enhancement of Long-term Memory in Females Phillip Zoladz, Andrea E. Kalchik, Chelsea E. Cadle, Mackenzie M. Hoffman, Rachael Aufdenkampe, Sarah M. Lyle, Callie M. Brown, Amanda R. Scharf, Alison M. Dailey, Nicholas Wolters, Jeffrey N. Talbot, Boyd R. Rorabaugh
2014 Literacy Strategies to Impact Learning in the University Mathematics Classroom Dr. Tena Roepke