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Undergraduate Research

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Year Title Researcher(s)
2013 Gun Control and the Second Amendment Brad Nungester
2013 The Effects of Tattoos and Occupation on Perception of Personal Qualities Elizabeth Coulston, Haley Wershbale, Ashton Zartman
2013 The Appeal of Professional Wrestling as Explained by Durkheim and a Contemporary Theorist Dylan Montgomery
2013 Stress Administered Immediately before Learning Reduces False Memory Production and Enhances True Memory Recall in Females Andrea Kalchik, David Peters, Mackenzie Hoffman, Rachael Aufdenkampe, Kali Findley, Nicholas Wolters, Sarah Woelke, Jeffrey Talbot, Phillip Zoladz
2013 Occupy Wall Street and Its Connection to Marxism and NeoWeberian Theory Morgan Storm Humphrey
2013 Myths and Realities: Are ONU Students Logically Consistent in Their Political Beliefs? John Curiel
2013 Internet Fraud Victimization Andrew Gray, James Call and Holly Evans
2014 The Effect of Interest Rate Volatility and Equity Volatility on Corporate Bond Yield Spreads: A Comparison of Noncallables and Callables Dr. Dong Hyun Kim and Dr. Duane Stock
2013 Value in Professional Service Relationships Susan Schertzer, Clinton Schertzer and Robert Dwyer
2014 Service-Learning as a Practical Approach to Teaching Auditing Andrew Bashore and Matthew Phillips