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Career Mentoring: Helping Students Climb the Ladder to Success

Kelly M. Shields,; Ohio Northern University (Presenter) Jennifer Kline,; Ohio Northern University (Author) Jenelle L. Sobotka,; Ohio Northern University (Author)
Ohio Northern University
Institution if not ONU: 

Our 0-6 direct entry program provides professional development and career mentoring over 6 years. Annual curricular and co-curricular activities contribute to ongoing student advancement. Students complete the following activities:

First year: Upperclassmen mentors are assigned; students make pharmacy career group presentations to peers; complete the APhA Career Pathway program; StrengthsFinders assessment with reflection on career applications; participate in pharmacist and interprofessional education (IPE) shadowing with career application reflection.

Second year: Curriculum vitae are developed with faculty review; IPE shadowing experiences occur with career application reflections; leadership book is discussed and students reflect on career application.

Third year: Community IPPEs occur with career application reflection; students are matched with pharmacist mentors for participation in the Professional Commitment Ceremony.

Fourth year: Institutional IPPEs occur with career application reflection; students reflect on career interests, strengths, weaknesses and goals to prepare for APPE placement.

Fifth year: One-on-one career discussions with advisers occur; class discussions address emerging pharmacy career options. 

Sixth year: Career opportunities are highlighted via email and Polar Career Center; Career Fair conducted; one-on-one career guidance is available.

Additional related opportunities include: Individual pharmacy faculty advisors assigned to aid in career planning; annual on-campus pharmacy career fair open to all students; student organizations have career development speakers, “Residency Week” and Mock interviews; Career Planning elective (examining steps from obtaining positions to future career endeavors) and Contemporary Health Issues elective (introducing unique pharmacy careers via guest speakers). 

Current employment and residency placement rates indicate career preparedness upon graduation.

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting