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Gun Control and the Second Amendment

Brad Nungester
Ohio Northern University
Criminal Justice

Recently throughout the United States there has been talk and action trying to limit gun rights based in different interpretations of the Second Amendment. This is being done from city halls such as in Chicago where a city wide gun ban was attempted to the White House where the President is attempting to enact a nationwide ban on certain weapons. Actions such as these are taking guns away from those citizens who hold guns legally while nothing can be done to stop the illegal purchasing of firearms. Some politicians feel that taking guns away from everyone is the only way to stop tragic shootings which have occurred in places such as Newtown, CT, or Aurora, CO. Politicians are taking guns away from law abiding citizens who use them for personal protection and are declaring open season for criminals who know no one will be armed when these gun bans are enacted officially. Legal gun ownership has no effect on gun crime. As my research will show the answer is better policing strategies and less strict gun laws for law abiding citizens.

The Ohio Northern University Student Research Colloquium
Psychology and Sociology