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The Appeal of Professional Wrestling as Explained by Durkheim and a Contemporary Theorist

Dylan Montgomery
Ohio Northern University

Professional wrestling has become a noticeable force in not only national media but also global media. As large and expansive as the fan-base is, the question remains as to what makes professional wrestling so appealing. In order to find an explanation, the works and writings of two sociological theorists were studied (one theorist from the "classical" era and one from the "contemporary" era). The works of Emile Durkheim were chosen to take the classical view on the subject. In particular, his theory on the elementary forms of religious life was used to explain how people are drawn to wrestling as individuals and as a group. Then, a theorist from the contemporary era of sociology was chosen to given a modern explanation as to why people are drawn to professional wrestling.

The Ohio Northern University Student Research Colloquium
Psychology and Sociology