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Undergraduate Research

Year Title Researcher(s)
2014 Low Cost Pharmacist-Directed Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Program Targeting Elementary Students Molly J. Wascher, PharmD Candidate, Jessica Alflen, PharmD Candidate, Karen L. Kier, Ph.D., BCPS, BCACP
2014 Importance of random blood pressure screenings and general patient knowledge in an ambulatory care setting Walter A. Blust, PharmD candidate, Karen L. Kier, PhD MSc RPh BCPS BCACP
2014 An evaluative study of student pharmacists’ oncology/chemotherapy knowledge from didactic curriculum and experiential experiences from six colleges of pharmacy William B. Hays, PharmD candidate, Karen L. Kier, PhD BCPS BCACP
2014 An educational intervention study evaluating a pharmacist-directed skin screening program Ryan H. Brandeberry, PharmD candidate, William B. Hays, PharmD candidate, Karen L. Kier, PhD BCPS BCACP, Michael J. Rush, PharmD CDE BCACP
2014 Development and implementation of a transitions of care service in an ambulatory care setting in collaboration with a primary care physician Rachel J. Pucel, PharmD, CTTS, Michael J. Rush, PharmD, CDE, BCACP, CTTS, Karen L. Kier, PhD, MSc, RPh, BCPS,BCACP
2014 Adolescent Substance Use as a Sleep Aid Linked to Poor Mental Health Lauren E. Guerriero
2014 The Effects of Evidence Type and Expert Credential Contestation on Mock Juror Decision-making Wesley Evans, Rebecca Krelko, Megan Fry and Kelsey Hoffman
2014 The Effect of Gender Dominance Portrayals and Media Type on Body Image Coral Shuster, Haley O’Hara and McKenna Early
2014 Racial and Ethnic Kidney Transplant Disparities Maria Kay Daley
2014 Post-learning Stress Facilitates Long-term Memory Consolidation Rachael L. Aufdenkampe, Callie M. Brown, Amanda R. Scharf, Alison M. Dailey, McKenna B. Early, Courtney L. Knippen, Elizabeth D. Scholl, Andrea E. Kalchik, David M. Peters, Chelsea E. Cadle, Boyd R. Rorabaugh, Phillip Zoladz