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Development of an asthma screening and educational program as part of a university based pharmacist directed employee wellness clinic

Manion NL, Hay CC, Rush MJ, Kier KK
Ohio Northern University


To determine the need for a pharmacist directed asthma screening and educational program, thus expanding the university employee wellness clinic in order to provide a means for  university employees and their families to improve their overall health. 


Two student pharmacists designed and  implemented a new IRB approved asthma screening and educational program as part of an university wellness clinic.  The university wellness clinic is an on campus, multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic that offers medication therapy management, disease state management, preventative health screenings, smoking cessation, nutritional counseling, and physical wellness coaching to university employees and their families.  The two student pharmacists planned the logistics of the asthma screening and educational program during the academic years of 2012 and 2013; multiple screenings were conducted by the student pharmacists, a pharmacy resident, and a pharmacist, utilizing a student pharmacist researched point of care testing lung monitor.  The student pharmacists developed and implemented a respiratory function screening questionnaire, a respiratory screening follow up note, an educational flyer, an asthma action plan developed by the American Lung Association, a personalized peak flow chart, an asthma section of the university health and wellness clinic policy and procedure manual, and an asthma patient note.  The aforementioned forms were reviewed by pharmacists for accuracy and relevance.  Those university employees and their family members that were screened and found to have impaired respiratory function were recommended to follow up with a physician.  

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