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It’s Not Me in That Mirror, It’s Not Me in That Jail Cell: The Effects of Stigma and Stigma Management Techniques on White Collar Criminals

Nichole Fern Listeman
Ohio Northern University

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how techniques of neutralization may render ineffective deterrence strategies for white collar crime by providing an avenue for stigma management.  The paper begins with an introduction of white collar crime both as presented by E. Sutherland and as the field stands today.  An extensive literature review is featured which covers the neutralization strategies and research conducted on deterrence in white collar crime.  The discussion continues to include the concepts of stigma and stigma management strategies.  Several of each are highlighted, and examples from contemporary headlines aid the discussion.  An emphasis on the importance for the discipline and topic appears throughout.  

North Central Sociological Association; Cleveland, OH
Psychology and Sociology