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Four-year Guarantee Program List

Majors included in the four-year tuition guarantee


College of Arts & Sciences

Applied Mathematics BA, BS
Biochemistry BS
Chemistry BA, BS
Communication Studies BA
Creative Writing BA
Criminal Justice BA
French BA
German BA
History BA
International Theatre Production BFA
Literature BA
Manufacturing Technology BS
     (Applied Robotics)
     (Manufacturing Management)
Mathematics BA, BS
     (Advanced Mathematical Studies)
Multimedia Journalism BA
Music BA
     (Applied Studies)
     (Music History and Literature)
     (Music Theory and Composition)
Philosophy BA
Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA
Physics BS
     (Applied Physics)
Political Science BA
Professional Writing BA
     (Behavioral Neuroscience) BS
     (Clinical and Counseling Psych.) BA, BS
     (General Psychology) BA, BS
Public Health BS
Public Relations BA
Religion BA
Sociology BA
     (General Sociology)
     (Social Services Administration)
Spanish BA
Statistics BA, BS
     (Actuarial Science)
     (Applied Statistics)
Studio Arts BA
Theatre BA
Youth Ministry BA

College of Business Administration

Accounting BSBA
Finance BSBA
Management BSBA
Marketing BSBA
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business BSBA
     (Business Analytics)
     (Human Resources Management)
     (Manufacturing Management)
Risk Management and Insurance BSBA

College of Engineering

Civil Engineering BSCE
Electrical Engineering BSEE
     (Advanced Energy)
Computer Engineering BSCPE
     (Advanced Energy)
Computer Science BS
Mechanical Engineering BSME
     (Advanced Energy)