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Custodial Staff

Custodial Manager



Job Responsibility

Cust. I/II

Days / Shift

Donnal, Robin Dukes and Presser Offices Cust I Mon-Fri 2nd
Larcom, Stephanie Affinity NE and NW, Chapel
Ackerman, Nancy Founders 2nd and 3rd / 5UP Cust I Mon-Fri/1st
Collins, Vivian Maglott 2nd and 3rd, Lakeview and UT laundry rooms, Health Center Cust I Mon-Fri 1st
Szippl, Jeanne Lehr Kennedy, Clark, and 3rd floor Stambaugh Cust I Mon-Fri 1st
Lee, Lois Dicke and Hill Cust. I Mon-Fri/1st
Marshall, Jaymie Affinity East, West, and Commons Cust. I Mon-Fri/1st
Shadley, Patricia Meyers, Biggs and Science Annex Offices Cust. I Mon-Fri/2nd
Cheney, Brenda Admissions and Law Offices Cust. II Mon-Fri/2nd
Spencer, Kathy Sports Center on the Fieldhouse side Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Bechtol, Wendy Biggs 1st & 2nd, Science Annex 1st, and Mathile 2nd Cust. II Mon-Fri/3rd
Law Building on the classroom side Cust. II Tues-Sat/3rd
Park, Gary Mathile 3rd floor, Counseling Center, IT, Klondike, Polar Place, and Northern Commons Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Carroll, Lea Ann Sports Center 1st floor on the Gym side Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Heterick 1st and 2nd, Mathile 2nd Cust. II Mon-Fri/3rd
Dunlap, James Sports Center 2nd floor Cust. II Mon-Fri/2nd
Barker, John McIntosh Cust. II Tues-Sat/2nd
White, Richard Lehr Cust. II Mon-Fri/3rd
Helser, Jay Lima Complex and Heterick 3rd floor Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Law Building Cust. I Mon-Fri/3rd
Howard, Chad Meyer 1st, Park 1st and 2nd, Founders 3rd, Northern House and Stadium Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Clum, Pam Performing Arts Center Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Larcom, Stephanie Park 3rd floor and Stadium View East and West Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Pharmacy 1st and 2nd Floor Cust. II Mon-Fri/3rd
Laubis, Eleanor Dicke Cust. II Mon-Fri/3rd
Rose, Dave Founders 1st/2nd and Maglot 1st Floor Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Bechtol, Wendy Physical Plant, Child Development Center, and Business Services Cust. II Mon-Fri/2nd
Art, Press, and Print Shop Cust. I Mon-Fri/2nd
Mathile 1st and 2nd Floor Cust. II Mon-Fri/3rd
Tigner, Bruce Stambaugh and Courtyard Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Dukes Cust II  Mon-Fri/2nd
Ribley, Scott McIntosh Center Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Amstutz, Mike Meyer 1st, Park 1st and 2nd, Founders 3rd, Northern House, and Stadium Cust. II Mon-Fri/1st
Taft, I.T., Project Specialist Cust. II Mon-Fri/2nd
Guthery, April McIntosh and Hill Cust. II Mon-Fri/3rd
Garver, Chris Observatory, Alumni, Founders 1st Floor Group Leader Mon-Fri/1st
Miller, Jack Cafeteria Cust. II Tues-Sat/3rd
Eitel, Chris Cafeteria Cust. II Mon-Fri/3rd
Dulle, Tom Campus Wide DIN Crew Mon-Fri/1st
Physical Plant

Brandi Albright

Fax: 419-772-2613
Physical Plant
525 South Main Street
Ada, Ohio 45810
Monday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Tuesday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Wednesday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Thursday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed