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Pharmacy Skills Center

One of the trademarks of the College of Pharmacy is providing the necessary cutting-edge opportunities for students to apply their coursework in pharmacy practice situations. At the heart of continuing this tradition of excellence is the college's Pharmacy Skills Center and Simulation Laboratory.

Changes in the pharmacy profession over the years have made it necessary for pharmacists to take a more active role in managing health care. Today's pharmacist is often the health professional whom patients are in contact with during critical points in their health care process. The evolution of pharmacy practice requires a variety of laboratory and classroom spaces for optimal learning.

This has all been taken into account in the careful planning of the Pharmacy Skills Center and Simulation Lab. This 2,400 square-foot laboratory provides students with practical experiences in many pharmacy related areas.

The center features six state-of-the-art compound/counseling pods with portable OTC simulation stations so that professors can effectively assess students and easily provide them feedback to improve their skills. Due to the strategic linkage between pharmacy practice and drug information, the skills center and lab are connected to the Drug Information Center.