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Mobile Health Clinic

ONU HealthWise Mobile Health Clinic

The Mobile Health Clinic offered by ONU-employed, pharmacist-directed clinicians are community partners in health and wellness. The goal of the Mobile Health Clinic is to provide Hardin County, Ohio citizens with knowledge and resources to address health related concerns and improve their health. The mobile aspect of the offering brings the healthcare team to the community through outreach events planned within the community, consultations and screenings are offered free of charge. The team is also available by appointment to meet with groups or individuals.




The ONU HealthWise Mobile Health Clinic proudly partners with the following area healthcare providers to make access to care a seamless process for its participants:


    Vision statement: All residents of Hardin County will have access to interdisciplinary, quality medical care through the mobile clinic which provides disease state management and preventive health education services.

    Mission statement: Ohio Northern University’s mobile health clinic, in partnership with the Kenton-Hardin Health Department, Hardin Memorial Hospital, Kenton Community Health Center and other stakeholders within Hardin County, strives to provide accessible, quality, interdisciplinary healthcare for the residents of Hardin County, Ohio through disease state management, medication reconciliation, and preventive health education services, in order to improve patient health outcomes while also providing an effective training environment for future healthcare professionals and leaders.

    1. Increase patient access to care
    2. Improve patient health knowledge
    3. Improve patient health outcomes 
    4. Connect patients to primary medical care whenever possible


    Why was this Clinic Created?

    Hardin County, Ohio has been identified as a medically underserved and “Primary Medical Care Health Professional Shortage” area. Due to its rural nature, extensive elderly population, and poverty rates, Hardin County is a community with wellness needs. In 2013, a community health assessment report identified priorities for health care in Hardin County:

    1. Preventative health education
    2. Strategies to manage medications for patients with chronic conditions
    3. Better access to health care services for patients with chronic diseases
    4. Improve participation and service coordination related to immunizations, vaccinations and health screenings in the community
    5. Prevention of falls and fractures among the elderly

    Conversations with citizens in the county conducted in fall 2014 identified additional health needs:

    1. Limited access for patients to physicians and other primary care providers
    2. Transportation problems accessing existing medical care providers
    3. Difficulty with understanding and management of chronic medical conditions

    In light of this information, Ohio Northern University developed the ONU HealthWise Mobile Health Clinic in August 2015.


      Michael J. Rush, PharmD, BCACP, CDE, TTS

      Robertson-Evans Pharmacy Building: Room 211
      525 South Main Street
      Ada, Ohio 45810
      Hours By Appointment Only