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General Drug Information

  • The Internet Drug Index - Provides monographs and patient information on most common prescription items. There is also a limited tablet identification feature.
  • CenterWatch - Information about clinical research and drugs in development.
  • Doctor's Guide to Recently Approved Drugs & Indications - Press releases on recently approved drugs or new indications for medications.
  • Facts & Comparisons - News about new drugs and medical research.
  • Mayo Clinic - Information about management of common disease/conditions as well as health promoting activities.
  • Medscape - Recent drug and health related news as well as resources for managing a variety of conditions.
  • Merck Manual - An electronic version of the Merck Manual
  • Reuters Health - Health & Medical News from Reuters
  • RxMed - Monographs on many prescription agents and dietary supplements. Information is also provided about common diseases and travelers health.
  • World Wide Web virtual Library - Pharmacy - Huge site with links to a variety of pharmacy associations, organizations & resources.

    Government & Organization Web Pages

      Cardiology Links

      • American Heart Association - Consumer level information about various cardiac conditions, both acute & chronic.
      • HeartWire - Recent news in cardiology, including meeting presentation and recent scientific literature.
      • Heart Failure Society of America - Information on treatment of and research into heart failure
      • European Society of Cardiology - Information regarding recent meeting presentations, as well as guidelines and consensus statements regarding a variety of cardiac conditions.
      • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute - Patient information as well as recent research news related to cardiac, respiratory or blood related disease.


      • American Cancer Society - General cancer information for patients, family members, survivors, and professionals.
      • National Cancer Institute - For patients and professionals, including information on specific cancer types, clinical trials, and research.
      • Cancer Wise - Articles and other news information sponsored by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
      • John Hopkins Cancer Center - Information for patients about what cancer is and symptoms for specific cancers.
      • Medline Plus: Cancer - Links to articles dealing with specific types of cancer for the professional.
      • - General medical information and information on current research for the patient.
      • Women's Cancer Network - Information for women about specific type of cancer including information on clinical trials. Also contains links to recent news articles.
      • The Oral Cancer Foundation - Information for patients regarding specific oral cancers, diagnosis, and treatments. Also includes links to many news articles.
      • The Skin Cancer Foundation - Information on the prevention and detection of skin cancer for the patient.
      • CancerQuest - Information for professionals and patients about the biology and disease process of cancer.
      • OncoLink - Information on cancer types, treatment and recent news articles.
      • Cancer Research & Prevention Foundation - Information for patients about the prevention and early detection of cancer.
      • Cure Magazine - Online magazine containing articles about recent cancer breakthroughs and updates on cancer research.
      • National Prostate Cancer Coalition - Information for patients about what prostate cancer is, detection and treatment options.
      • CureSearch - Information for patients and health professionals about the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers.
      • Pleural Mesothelioma Center - Provides patient information and free services to victims of pleural mesothelioma.
      • Mesothelioma Cancer - Information about the asbestos-related cancer. Mesothelioma Guide offers support and information for patients and their families.


        Mental Health Issues

        • Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance - Information on mood disorders in general, and specific information on depression and bipolar disorder. Also contains information on clinical trials.
        • American Psychological Association - Information for the health professional on a variety of psychological topics.
        • Anxiety Disorders Association of America - Information for patients on anxiety disorders including treatment and clinical trials. Information is also separated by women's issues and children's issues.
        • The Nations Voice on Mental Illness - Information for patients on Bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia & other mental illnesses.
        • National Institute of Mental Health - Information about mental health topics, including clinical trial information and some recent news articles.
        • Obsessive Compulsive Foundation - Information for patients on the disease and various treatment options for adults & children.
        • Mental Disorder Network - Information for patients on anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders and other mental disorders. Also includes information on certain medications used to treat these disorders.
        • Geriatric Mental Health Foundation - Information for patients about geriatric mental health issues including Alzheimer's disease.
        • Medline Plus: Mental Health - Links to articles about mental health issues for the professional.
        • -  a free web information guide that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together. 

        Clinical Trials

        • These are sites listing ongoing or planned trials sponsored by a government organization, academic institution or drug company
        • Combined Health Information Database - Federal government health-related agencies organized by disease state. UPDATE: As of Sept. 1, 2006, this site has been discontinued, but still lists ongoing trials.

        Consumer-based Drug Information

        • Medline Plus - This is a site, maintained by the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, has information on most prescription and nonprescription medications as well as common disease states.
        • FDA Consumer Drug Information - This site has patient information sheets for several common drugs as well as links to the prescribing information of these drugs.
        • InteliHealth - Consumer oriented information about a variety of medical/health conditions, complementary/alternative medicines as well as general health promotion activities.
        • PDR Health - This site has information on prescription and nonprescription drugs, as well as some dietary supplements. Some prescription drugs have photographs of the medication.
        • RxList - Includes many prescription and nonprescription medicine. It has information about drug side effects, interactions, and uses. There is also a limited ability to identify tablets by imprint codes.

        Dietary Supplement Information

        General Disease Information

        • MEDLINEplus - This site has information compiled from the National Institute of Health on major health topics of interest. It also contains medical dictionaries and encyclopedias.
        • American Academy of Family Physicians - Includes consumer health information in English & Spanish. This site also has a self-care section which helps determine what problems can be cared for at home and which should be seen by a physician.
        • The Merck Manual Home Edition - This site has information on the causes, symptoms and treatments of many common conditions.
        • HealthFinder - The US Department of Health and Human Services combined information about common conditions from a variety of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and universities.
        • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - This site contains information on infectious disease treatment and prevention. It also has a section discussing public health hoaxes and rumors.
        • Mayo Clinic - Information is compiled by the Mayo clinic about common diseases as well as about prevent care.
        • New York Online Access to Health - This is a bilingual site containing current information on a wide variety of conditions and health concerns.
        • DIRLINE - This is a searchable directory of over 10,000 health organizations online. There is also a directory of toll-free numbers to over 300 organizations.

        Health Related Statistics

        Women's Health Issues

        Medical Dictionaries

          Subcription Secondary Databases

          Pharmacy Related Organizations

          Sites Useful for Students

          • PubMed -  Free database to search Medline.
          • PubMed, Central - National Library of Medicine's free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.
          • Free Medical Journals - List of some free medical journals full text.
          • Journal Name Abbreviations and ISSN Numbers

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