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Ben Aronson

Assistant Professor of Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Pharmacy Practice
Robertson-Evans 203
525 S. Main Street
Ada, OH 45810

Ben Aronson, assistant professor of social and administrative pharmacy, earned his PharmD and Ph.D. (in social and administrative policy) from the University of Minnesota. His research experience includes the Maawaji’ idi-oog mino-ayaawin (Gathering for Health), which investigates how stressful experiences relate to diabetes-related health problems in indigenous communities; the impact of medication knowledge on adherence to hormonal contraceptives among female college students; and the effectiveness of MTM in treating long-haul drivers with hypertension. Prior to joining the ONU College of Pharmacy, Aronson worked as a pharmacist at St. Luke’s Hospital Pharmacy in Duluth, Minn. He is member of AcademyHealth, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, the American Pharmacists Association, the American Public Health Association, and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.