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Rotation Objectives

Information Regarding Rotation Objectives

The rotation objectives described for each rotation are intended to aid the preceptor in developing an activity list for the student and in evaluating the student's performance at the end of the rotation. Additionally, the objectives are intended to guide the student in preparation for the rotation and guide the student's learning during the rotation

  • Each preceptor is encouraged to develop his/her own rotation objectives, which will provide more in-depth objectives than those listed for each rotation.
  • If a preceptor wishes to develop his/her own objectives, a copy of the syllabus must be approved and available in the office of experiential education at Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy prior to the acceptance of students on rotations.


Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Curriculum

A student is required complete nine (9) one-month-long rotations as follows:

a.  One rotation in EACH of the following required rotations:
  • General or Internal Medicine
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Pediatrics or Critical Care (any specialty within Pediatrics or Critical Care fulfill this requirement)
  • Geriatrics (or LTC or an additional Gen Med or Am Care)

b.  Three (3) elective rotations from the following list:

  • A student may only complete one NPC elective.

In general, a student cannot repeat a rotation type. Exceptions may be approved by the OEE.

Elective Type  

 PC/NPC     Elective Type    PC/NPC     Elective Type    PC/NPC 
Administration   NPC     Informatics   NPC     Pediatric Pain Mgmt   PC  
      Intensive Care Practice PC      
Ambulatory Care   PC     Internal Medicine   PC     Pediatric pulmonology   PC  
Anticoagulation Clinic PC     International Medicine   PC     Pediatrics   PC  
Burn   PC     Long Term Care   PC     Pharmaceutical Industry   NPC  
Cardiac ICU PC     Mail Order Pharmacy   NPC     Pharmacogenetics NPC  
Cardiology   PC    Managed Care   NPC     Poison Control (Toxicology) NPC  
Cardiothoracic ICU PC     Medical ICU PC     Psychiatric   PC  
Community PC            
Compounding PC     Medication Safety   NPC     Public Health   PC  
Critical Care   PC     Neonatal ICU PC     Pulmonary Medicine   PC  
Diabetes Clinic PC     Nephrology   PC     Research NPC  
Drug Information   NPC     Neurology  PC     Rural Health   PC  
Education/Teaching  NPC     Neuro ICU   PC        
Emergency Medicine   PC     Nuclear Pharmacy NPC     Surgery/Surgical Care    PC  
Family Medicine   PC     Nutrition PC     Surgical ICU PC  
General Medicine PC            
Geriatrics PC        
HIV/AIDS   PC     Oncology/Hematology   PC     Transplantation PC  
Home Health Care   PC     Pain Management   PC     Trauma PC  
Home Infusion   NPC     Pediatric Cardiology   PC        
Hospice/Palliative Care PC     Pediatric ICU PC        
Hospital Care PC   Pediatric Oncology   PC