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Experiential Manual

Policies and expectations for P6s as well as evaluation forms for APPEs are available in the  APPE Syllabus Manual.

Rotation Objectives

Rotation Objectives are intended to guide the student in preparation for the rotation and guide the student's learning during the rotation.  A student is required to complete nine (9) one month long rotations as follows: A minimum of 170 per month and 1,740 hours for the year.

Forms & Syllabi

All evaluation forms are to be submitted through PharmAcademic .




P1 - P2 Forms: Physical Exam Form

Physical Examination/Immunization Information:

Read the "Information About Immunizations"  before completing your "Record of Physical Examination Form" .



Raabe College of Pharmacy Resources


Moodle is the current LMS for all campus hybrid and online course content. A Self-Service Banner ID and password are necessary for course access.  When prompted, select CAS user to enter your Self-Service Banner ID and Self-Service Banner Password.

ONU IPPE Hours (Moodle)

All P1 and P2 students should use this site to record Healthcare and Service Learning hours prior to form submissions to our office.  At the beginning of the year, new P1 students will automatically receive their login and password.  If you do not know your login or password or need assistance using the site, contact Pharmacy Technical Support at 419-772-2494 or by email .


PharmAcademic is designed to track rotations—not only for students but also for preceptors. Through the use of a computer and Internet connection, students can view preceptor information to determine which rotations they feel best fit their schedule and requirements. Preceptors can view information pertaining to their assigned students. Additionally, the system provides easy access to complete evaluations for both student and preceptor. Follow the instructions listed below to access your rotation information:

  • Enter or click to access the PharmAcademic system.
  • User ID: Your email address
  • Password: If you do not know your password, click the "Forgot Password" link
  • Check your address — this should be a PERMANENT address that we will be able to use if needed when you are on rotations
  • Go to "My Account" and then "Edit my user information." to add your cell phone number-we will need this when you are on rotations

Clinical Resources

Medicine Links Medical Journals Alternative Medicine


Drug References Pediatrics Teaching Resources
Career Resources Pharmacy Associations Other Clinical Resources

Residency Resources

Other Resources