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Alumni Testimonials

Chet Kaczor, PharmD '06

Director of Pharmacy Services, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
2016-17 Ohio Pharmacists Association President

  • "I am proud to be an alumnus of Ohio Northern University. Because of the efforts of leadership and dedicated professors at Ohio Northern, I was given the tools, education and resources to be a successful pharmacist. Now, 10 years into my career, I have the privilege of leading the pharmacy enterprise of more than 200 employees at the nation's largest pediatric hospital. Simply put, I owe much of my career success to the mentorship provided by professors who were invested in helping me be successful. I strongly encourage prospective students to give significant consideration to the excellent pharmacy program offered at ONU; make this your home for pharmacy education as I once did."
  • "Dean Martin has been open and receptive to alumni feedback and is very accessible and engaged in alumni events. It is a pleasure to return to campus to share information/updates with students."


Mariane Rizkallah, PharmD '09

Pharmacy Manager, Rexall/Katz Group

  • "My experience at ONU was the best and most rewarding experience of my life. During my years on campus, I felt like I was always 'home' away from home. There was always a sense of family; the staff and students are friendly, humble and just amazing! The pharmacy curriculum itself was great; I felt ready and confident to face the challenging world of pharmacy. I am so grateful to the staff, the relationships I built along the way and, most importantly, to God, who helped me make one of the most important academic decisions of my life. As an ONU alumna, I have so much pride and continue to recommend the College of Pharmacy to all those interested in pursuing a pharmacy degree. Thank you, ONU!"


Gabriel Allen Washington, PharmD '12

Staff Pharmacist, Schnuck Markets

  • "My ONU pharmacy degree has allowed me to fulfill my dream of being a doctor (of pharmacy). I am able to help out people every single day in one of the most well-known and trusted professions in the nation. I have been able to meet many phenomenal people and experience numerous, wonderful opportunities thanks to Ohio Northern University."


Jonathan Leung, PharmD '08

  • "Ohio Northern was able to provide me with the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills needed to lay a solid foundation to initiate my career in the profession of pharmacy. While there are many attractive aspects about the pharmacy program, such as the 0-6 design and strength of the didactic curriculum/faculty, above all, the experiential program should be highlighted, noting the wide variety of rotation opportunities as well as the quality of those rotations. Having the ability to experience many pharmacy settings early during my APPE year was crucial in guiding some very important career decisions. During the first half of my sixth year, I completed rotations in critical care, ambulatory care, oncology, public health and psychiatry. The preceptors were also all vastly experienced and invested in my learning and development as a sixth-year student, which also had significant influences on my decision to pursue residency training and a career as a psychiatric clinical pharmacist."


Ami Bhatt, PharmD '05

Senior Director of HW Operations – Southern California, Alaska and Hawaii, Walmart Stores Inc.

  • “I am so lucky to have found ONU; my experience there has set a strong foundation of leadership, independence and knowledge. The faculty and organizations I was able to be a part of and lead taught me the soft skills necessary to thrive in the business world. The time I spent at ONU led me to my executive-management residency, which helped catapult me to where I am today. I am so appreciative of my time with the Polar Bears!”


Chernoh M. Bah, PharmD '12

Staff Pharmacist, Kroger

  • “My experience at Ohio Northern was nothing short of extraordinary. I was fortunate and blessed to form lifelong relationships with friends and faculty. I would not change anything if I had to do it all over again.”


Cherryl Zekeng, PharmD '13

Executive Pharmacist, Target

  • “I know that I made the right decision to attend Ohio Northern. ONU always felt like home, and I felt like I belonged, as if I was always suppose to be there. I also must admit that my successes were a joint effort. Throughout my time at ONU, I developed amazing relationships with individuals at the college who continue to help me grow personally and professionally. I walked into the ONU College of Pharmacy shy and unsure, but I left confident with my head held high, ready to change the world!” 


Kevin Stack, PharmD '14

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Battle Creek VA Medical Center

  • "ONU continues to meet my expectations even as an alumnus; the programs are excellent. The Raabe College of Pharmacy not only helped me become a pharmacist, but also shaped me as a person. The faculty members at ONU are great educators and role models. I will always treasure my time at ONU; it was a tremendous experience! Go Polar Bears!"


Benjamin Allen, PharmD '12

  • "ONU's pharmacy school was challenging and pushed me to many limits. I had to work extremely hard, but I was supported by many faculty/staff along the way. Since graduation, I've helped open and manage two outpatient sites and now work in oncology pharmacy for a mid-sized health network in Dayton, Ohio. I never thought I'd be able to do all of these things, but Northern really helped to prepare me for the workforce."