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  • Vince Yahl Affiliate
  • Troy Yant Affiliate
  • Fan Ye Employee, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Tasha Yeary Affiliate, Housekeeping
  • John-David Yoder Employee, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • David Young Affiliate
  • John Young Affiliate
  • Karla Young Employee, Director of Development for Arts and Sciences, Office of Advancement
  • Linda Young Employee, Professor of Biological Sciences, Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences
  • Nancy Young Employee, Advanced Administrative Assistant, Department of Printing Services
  • Amy Youngpeter Employee, Lecturer in English, Department of English
  • Mike Yount Affiliate, Treasurer
  • Ziad Youssfi Employee, Assist Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering & Computer Science
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