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  • Debra Jackson Employee, Lecturer of Education, Department of Education
  • Deanna Jameson Employee, Call-in Nurse, Student Health Center
  • Feng Jao Employee, Associate Professor of Technology, Department of Technological Studies
  • Jayme Jarrett Employee, Financial Aid Counselor, Office of Financial Aid
  • Emily Jay Employee, Lecturer in Art, Department of Art & Design
  • Chris Jebsen Employee, Director of Enrollment Communications, Office of Admissions
  • Anissa Jenkins Employee, Senior Residence Life Specialist, Office of Student Affairs
  • Lilia Jmiai Employee, Lecturer of Modern Languages, Department of Modern Languages
  • Bruce Johansen Employee, Lecturer in Physics, Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Ronald Johns Employee, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Ann Johnson Employee, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology Sociology & Criminal Justice
  • Bree Johnson Affiliate, Food Service
  • Jessica Johnson Affiliate, Food Service
  • Kellee Johnson Affiliate, Food Service
  • Pat Johnson Employee, Visiting Instructor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Ron Johnson Affiliate, Maint. Mechanic, Physical Plant
  • Stephan Johnson Affiliate
  • Thomas Johnson Affiliate, Food Service
  • Darlene Johnston Employee, Legal English Facilitator; Rank of Instructor, College of Law
  • David Johnstone Employee, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Mindy Jolliff Employee, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Office of the Controller
  • Gina Jones Affiliate, Pharmacy Practice Resident
  • Jade Jones Affiliate, Food Service
  • Mark Jones Affiliate, Groundsperson, Physical Plant
  • Ronald Jones Affiliate, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Sunny Jones Employee, Assistant Coach of Softball, Department of Athletics
  • Trevor Jones Employee, Photographer; Digital Asset Manager, Office of Communications & Marketing
  • CJ Jordan Employee, Admissions Counselor, Office of Admissions
  • Jeannine Jordan Affiliate
  • Michael Jordan, Jr. Employee, Lecturer, Department of Music
  • Teresa Jordan Affiliate
  • Brenda Joseph Affiliate, White Bear Inn, Food Service
  • Travis Juergens Employee, Music Director, Department of Music
  • Kristen Jurgens Employee, Lecturer in Music, Department of Music
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