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  • Casey Gantt Employee, Assistant Coach of Men's & Women's Track and Field and Cross Country, Department of Athletics
  • Diana Garlough Employee, Assistant Professor of Education / Chair Education; Director of the Center for Teacher Education, Department of Education
  • Casey Garman Affiliate
  • Vickie Garmon Employee, Lecturer of Education, Department of Education
  • Chris Garver Affiliate, Custodian Foreman, Physical Plant
  • Maureen Gearhart Affiliate
  • Michelle Gearhart Affiliate
  • Chris Geib Affiliate
  • Elizabeth George Employee, Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Scott Gerber Employee, Professor of Law, College of Law
  • Benjamin Gerken Affiliate
  • Ken Gibson Affiliate, Maint. Mechanic, Physical Plant
  • Penny Gibson Employee, Coordinator of Partnership Development, Department of Education
  • Rebecca Gibson Affiliate, Dishwasher
  • Tim Glon Employee, Director of Sports Information, Department of Athletics
  • Jeff Goble Affiliate, Groundsperson, Physical Plant
  • Lori Goldsmith Employee, Executive Administrative Assistant, College of Engineering
  • Julie Gore Employee, Advanced Administrative Assistant, Office of Communications & Marketing
  • Adrienne Goss Employee, Assistant Professor of Education, Department of Education
  • Michele Govekar Employee, Lecturer of Accounting, College of Business
  • Micah Graber Employee, Lecturer, Department of Music
  • Kala Grant Affiliate
  • Diane Gray Employee, Advanced Admissions Assistant, Office of Admissions
  • Jeff Gray Employee, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Andrea Graytock Employee, Laboratory Instructor, Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences
  • James Green Employee, Lecturer in Music, Department of Music
  • Kyle Green Employee, Assistant Coach of Football, Department of Athletics
  • Don Groff Affiliate
  • Thomas Grubaugh Affiliate
  • Jennifer Grundey Employee, Associate Director of Experiential Program, Department of Pharmacy Practice
  • Hannah Gunn Affiliate, Custodian, Physical Plant
  • LaShonda Gurley Employee, Director of Multicultural Development; Deputy Coordinator of Title IX, Office of Multicultural Development
  • April Guthery Affiliate, Custodian
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