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  • Logan Nagel Affiliate
  • Abigail Nartker Employee, Nurse Practitioner, Student Health Center
  • Timothy Naylor Affiliate, Chef, Food Service
  • Erica Neely Employee, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy & Religion
  • Justine Neiderhiser Employee, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Department of English
  • Rochelle Neiswander Affiliate, Bartender
  • Nancy Neslund Employee, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, College of Law
  • Becky Neville Employee, Advanced Administrative Assistant, College of Law
  • Dale Newbury Affiliate, Groundsperson, Physical Plant
  • Lauren Newell Employee, Associate Professor of Law, College of Law
  • Andrew Nichelson Affiliate, Maint. Mechanic, Physical Plant
  • Tiffany Nickles Employee, Senior Human Resources Generalist, Office of Human Resources
  • Anne Niese Employee, Senior Polar Careers Specialist, Office of Polar Careers
  • Tamara Niese Employee, Accountant, Office of the Controller
  • Vicki Niese Employee, Director of Business Services, Department of Purchasing
  • Charles Noble, Jr. Affiliate, Custodian, Physical Plant
  • Jamal Nofal Affiliate
  • Jose Nogueras Employee, Associate Director of Media Relations, Office of Communications & Marketing
  • John Norris Affiliate
  • Christine North Employee, Associate Professor of Communication Arts, Department of Communication & Media Studies
  • Kofi Nsia-Pepra Employee, Associate Professor of Political Science, Department of History Politics & Justice
  • Paul Nutter Employee, Associate Professor of Manufacturing Technology, Department of Technological Studies
  • Lynda Nyce Employee, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Christian Nygaard Affiliate
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