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Parent Advisory Group

Fall 2014

Front row (from left): Brenda Swihart Meyer, Debbie Henton, Dawn Moyer, Deborah Campbell and Angie Utrup
Second row (from left): Kevin Warvell, Mariellen Warvell, John Henton, Juanita Finley, President Dan DiBiasio, Rick Bachman, Bill Moyer, Raymond Campbell and Mark Utrup

2014-15 Parent Advisory Group Profiles

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Front row (from left): Deb Buehler, Deborah Campbell, Debbie Henton, Bob King
Second row (from left): Brenda Swihart Meyer, Raymond Campbell, John Henton
Third row (from left): Jennifer Reynolds, Dan DiBiasio, Juanita Finley, Mariellen Warvell, Karen Condeni; back: Tom Keller, Mark Sabol.
Not pictured: Ellen Kruckeberg, Michelle Wrentmore, Glenda Turner, Kevin Warvell, Leslie King, Karl and Beth Farwig, Kim Brandeberry.

The Fall Semester meeting of the ONU Parent Advisory Council brought 15 members to campus on Sept. 28. The parent volunteers heard from several ONU staff members including President Dan DiBiasio, Chris Burns DiBiasio, Larry Lesick, Adriane Thompson Bradshaw, Justin Courtney and Karen Condeni. Discussion and reviews of important university plans and progress made for an engaging event. The ONU Parent Council provides feedback, suggestions and ideas representing the larger audience of ONU parents.

Spring 2013

Front row (from the left): Sherry Cline, Dawn Moyer, President DiBiasio, Jennifer Reynolds, Deb Henton, John Henton, Bob King
Back row (from the left): Glenda Turner, Mariellen Warvell, Kevin Warvell, Bill Moyer, Tom Keller, Kim Brandeberry, Mark Sabol
Additional parent advisory members include: Deb Buehler, Juanita Finley, Bruce Hazelet, Leslie King, Ellen Kruckeberg, Brenda Meyer, Michelle Wrentmore

March 16 saw another strong turnout for an ONU Parent Advisory Group meeting, which resulted in a successful exchange of ideas and suggestions regarding parental engagement with the University. The advisory group heard from several members of the ONU staff, including President Dan DiBiasio, Dr. Julie Hurtig, Justin Courtney, Betsi Werling, Kelly Anderson, Jennifer Lambdin and Karen Condeni. The advisory group has been reviewing the ONU web presence, including the Parent and Family site and the Northern Parent newsletter, has contributed testimonials and is willing to participate in other voluntary actions to aid ONU.

This advisory group effort is designed to assist in tactically reaching the larger audience of ONU parents who can be helpful resources in terms of time, talent and other contributions. ONU faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute articles of interest to parents for the newsletter. Please send any suggestions, ideas and features to Karen Condeni, who has been coordinating the parent program. The latest edition of the ONU Parents Newsletter in now online and provides information about accreditation, career tips and updates on campus happenings.

Fall 2012

Front row (from the left): Jennifer Reynolds, Juanita Finley, Deb Buehler, Ellen Kruckeberg and Brenda Meyer
Back row (from the left): Mark Sabol, Michelle Wrentmore, Dawn Moyer, William Moyer, Debbie Henton, John Henton and Bob King
Additional parent advisory members include: Glenda Turner, Sherri Cline, Kim Brandeberry, Bruce Hazelet, Tom Keller, Leslie King, Mariellen Warvell and Kevin Warvell