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International Pharmacy Students Honored with Scholarships

At Ohio Northern University, diversity is not only embraced but also celebrated. As such, the Karen Condeni Ambassador Award and the Yousef K. Shuhaibar Scholarship for International Students aim to encourage international students to get involved in campus activities while providing some financial assistance. The University believes that the efforts of international students to get involved and contribute to the University benefit the entire campus.

The 2016 Karen Condeni Ambassador Award   

The 2016 recipient of the Karen Condeni Ambassador Award is Jackie Sohee Ahn, a third-year pharmacy student from Anaheim, Calif. Ahn came to the United States from South Korea.

The Karen Condeni Ambassador Award was established to recognize the commitment to excellence and international diversity shown by Karen Condeni, BA ’74, during her 38+ years at ONU.

The annual $500 Ambassador Award is presented to ONU students who demonstrate a documented action of positive outreach toward enrolled ONU international students.

Examples of such outreach could include hosting international students during breaks; helping with travel considerations; tutoring, study and class support; introducing international students to campus activities; assisting internationals with transitional needs; facilitating group interactions that foster friendships and support; or programming cultural exchange sessions for other students. This award provides an opportunity to recognize the individual who led an initiative that stands out as educational, creative and of high impact. Since most international students at ONU come into a new and different culture and environment, such support tangibly indicates that they are welcome and they are valued. 

The Yousef K. Shuhaibar Scholarship for International Students

The 2016 Yousef K. Shuhaibar Scholarship Award has been presented to Amarachi Egbujor, a first-year pharmacy student from Lagos, Nigeria. She is one of four ONU students selected for this scholarship. The others were Kaitlin Jempson, a junior musical theatre major from Macleod, Australia; Yanchi “Grace” Guo, a senior biology major from Ashland, Ohio; and Makiko Kabesu, a sophomore philosophy, politics and economics major from Toshima Ku, Japan.

The Yousef K. Shuhaibar Scholarship for International Students was established in 1994 to provide further assistance for international students at Ohio Northern University. This scholarship is awarded to international students who demonstrate excelling attributes in both academics and extracurricular involvement. The scholarship was established by an engineering alumnus, Yousef K. Shuhaibar, BSCE ’64, Hon. D. ’98, and his wife, Josie. A former University trustee and member of the College of Engineering Advisory Board, Shuhaibar founded and operated an architecture and engineering firm headquartered in Kuwait with branches in several countries.

"We were very impressed with Amarachi’s and Jackie’s efforts to get involved in campus organizations and, thus, actively become part of the larger ONU family. As an international student, it is often difficult and sometime intimidating to adjust to a campus life in another country. You have to make new friends, learn the culture, get used to different foods and, at the same time, adjust to a demanding curriculum in the pharmacy program. Both of these students, by immersing themselves in campus activities and managing the academic demands of the pharmacy program, have shown remarkable resilience, resourcefulness, adaptability, sense of service, leadership and time-management skills. These are extremely important life skills that will not only help them succeed in their careers as pharmacists but also help them in becoming valuable productive members of the community," states Dr. Manoranjan D'Souza, assistant professor of pharmacology and international affairs committee member.  

Award-winners were selected by the International Affairs Committee and presented to the scholars during the week of April 18, 2016.

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