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ONU 2015 Music Facts

The ONU Music Department has recently achieved the following:

Placement rate for Music Education last year 13-14: 100% 

At the OMEA State Conference, two of the six students honored at the 2015 convention were our students—one who graduated in recent past, Lindsay Newlove, and one who is about to graduate, Alyssa Miller. 

Placement rate in graduate schools: 90-100% for the last few years, including these students at these institutions:
In performance, this year so far: 

  • Elizabeth Druesedow: 14-15 class: offered a full assistantship on clarinet “on the spot” at her audition at the University of Florida
  • Chris Gray: 14-15 class: accepted at University of GA for collaborative piano for 15-16 year and invited to audition at Eastman, which he just did a few weeks ago. Also auditioned at NYU and is waiting to hear back
  • Brandon Guillen: 14-15 class: Accepted at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in French horn. Brandon was also invited to audition at Eastman and just had that audition a few weeks ago. Has won several horn competitions and placed highly in others. 

In the past 3-4 years in performance: 

  • Miriam Stoner: Is in her 2nd year at the Cleveland institute of Music in voice, where she has held several major operatic roles
  • Justin Bays: At the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in voice, where he is “cleaning up”, from reports we have heard
  • Amy Hemker: Accepted at Wright State in composition
  • Alyssa Scebbi: Accepted at Ohio University in composition 
  • Travis Hertenstein: Accepted at Redman and NYU on bass trombone
  • Marissa Mauro: Accepted at OSU with scholarship monies in flute
  • Sam Riedlinger: Accepted at Wright State with money on flute
  • Marissa Mediati: Holds a significant Flute Assistantship at Ithaca 
  • Manny Bowman: Accepted at Youngstown University on percussion
  • Kyree Martin: Accepted at Kent State with a Theory Assistantship 
  • Kaylee Gorenflo: Accepted at Kent State with a saxophone assistantship
  • Sarah Cushman: Accepted at the Univ. of IL in collaborative piano

We have adjuncts from Cincinnati, Columbus, Windsor Ontario, and Toledo, Who hold Symphony Orchestra positions in Cleveland, Indianapolis, and the cities above as well as many other symphonies.