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Gerber publishes op-ed, essay

Scott Gerber, professor of law, wrote an op-ed in the Nov. 25, 2014, Lima News about President Obama's recent violation of the Constitution's separation of powers. He wrote an essay for the Huffington Post Blog about the UVA sexual assault crisis, arguing that the school should stop treating the incident as an exercise in image control. The article was linked on Instapundit. His article “Liberal Originalism: The Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Interpretation,” was just published as part of the Cleveland State Law Review symposium on "History and the Meaning of the Constitution.” The article was mentioned on the Originalism Blog. On Jan. 26 he will present "Law and Religion in Colonial Maryland" at Regent University School of Law. On March 27, he will present "Law and Religion in Colonial Connecticut" at the Ohio Academy of History. He has been invited to talk about the Declaration of Independence at Columbia Law School this spring.