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Reactions to the ONU Promise

Social media has been buzzing with reactions to The Ohio Northern Promise.

Ohio Northern University Pres Dan Dibiasio announces tuition for 2013-14 new/current students will drop by 20-25%.

— Karen Kasler (@karenkasler) October 10, 2013

“Ohio Northern University announces plan to reduce tuition by at least 20 percent, four-year grad guarantee.” More schools need to do this

— Laura Campbell (@LCampbell_34) October 10, 2013

New tuition reduction move: @ohionorthern will lower tuition 20-25% to "pre-recession level." More details at

— Bob Johnson (@HighEdMarketing) October 10, 2013

Ohio Northern to slash tuition 20-25% by 2014-15, offer 4-year graduation guarantee. @NolanRosenkrans

— The Toledo Blade (@toledonews) October 10, 2013

@ONUAdmissions , exciting announcement today! @ohionorthern Thanks for making an incredible education more affordable.

— Jason Duff (@jasonduff) October 10, 2013

@ohionorthern took a huge step today for future Polar Bears!! Proud of be an alumnus and part of the current ONU community. #onupromise

— Katie Kuhn (@KIKuhn) October 10, 2013

@ohionorthern ONU just became a little a better "fit" for my high school junior! #onupromise

— Lori LeGendre (@lorilegendre) October 10, 2013

OMG. @ohionorthern is reducing tuition by 20 to 25 percent next year! It will be over 10k cheaper than when I went. #impressed and #proud

— Katie Heckerd (@kheckerd) October 10, 2013

Proud to be an @ohionorthern Polar Bear alumni! Making tuition more affordable for students #onupromise

— Renee LeGendre (@reneelegendre) October 10, 2013

Tuition cuts could help Ohio Northern's football program. No athletic scholarships in Division III. Tuition costs matter when recruiting.

— Guy Cipriano (@newsheraldguy) October 10, 2013

Congrats to @ohionorthern & @DanDiBiasio on the new Promise: Affordability, 4 yr graduation, etc. #ProudAlum

— Bruce Hammond (@brucehammond) October 10, 2013

Ohio Northern University will reduce tuition next year: Ohio Northern University will r...

— Community Ohio (@CommunityOhio) October 10, 2013