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Policy and Accessibility

Moodle Users Roles

In order to maintain and protect access to student educational records, new roles have been created within Moodle to best utilize faculty and staff in managing Moodle Courses.   


This role is automatically assigned by the Banner instructor records for each course.  This person has full access to the Moodle course, including the FERPA data of the gradebook, outcomes, and class roster.  The role of Teacher can only be assigned via the registrar's office.  If a course is instructed by more than one faculty member and all faculty involved want access to the FERPA data, then all of the faculty must be listed in Banner as an instructor of that course by listing all of the faculty on the registrar's office "Semester Course Offerings" form.


This role is automatically assigned by the Banner course enrollment records (only via the registrar's office).  This individual has access to view and participate in the Moodle course at the student level (submit assignments, view their individual grades, etc.).

ONU Guest Faculty

Guest faculty do not have access to FERPA data (gradebook, outcomes, roster), but otherwise have "Teacher" access to a course.  A faculty member with the Teacher role may delegate Guest Faculty permission to any person they choose, without intervention or approval from Ed Tech staff or Academic Affairs.  This access does not need to be recorded in Banner.  This is the correct role for faculty mentors, substitute teachers, guest lecturers, administrative assistants, etc.   With this role, faculty can choose who they want to help them with their course.

ONU Auditor

This role has minimal, read-only access to course content only.  A faculty member with the Teacher role may delegate Auditor permission to any person they choose, for any purposes such as auditing course content or as part of a department's peer-peer course evaluation.  No intervention or approval from Ed Tech staff or Academic Affairs is required.  With this role, faculty can choose who else can access course content for any purpose. 

ONU Accreditor

This role grants additional access to some FERPA data for those who do not have the Teacher role. As such, it requires Academic Affairs approval to assign.  This permission can only be granted by site administrators.  This role is intended for the accreditation processes that require administrative assistants or department chairs to gather samples of student outcomes.

Copyright and Fair Use

Questions will often arise as to what  is acceptable regarding Copyright and  Fair Use  of content in course design. Please use the following link for more information on both topics:
The links and information below will provide understanding and guidance for ensuring compliance and accessibility for faculty, staff ,and students.

Why should you care as a person developing online educational content for a private university regarding accesibility?

  • Because it is the right thing to do. Education should be accessible to anyone who wants it.
  • Because many other private universities are making their Web sites accessible to people with disabilities by following WCAG and Section 508 guidelines. It's progressive and competitive.
  • Because if you receive federal funds, it may be argued that you must comply with the
  • Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504. 

Resources for making Web content accessible: