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Law Students Find Summer Learning Experiences

Ohio Northern law students spread out across the United States and the world to work and study over the summer.

Joy Miller, second year law student from Defiance, Ohio:
"I interned with the National Association of Attorneys General in Washington, D.C. where I worked with a variety of people on many projects. My ‘supervisor' was the Environmental Counsel, so I worked on several environmental projects. But I also worked on criminal issues and attended an online conference on Sex Offender Registration. I did research on statutes regarding the rights of members of the military service when they are on duty and when they return from duty. I also had the opportunity to attend NAAG's summer meeting which was in Providence, R.I. I found this experience to be the most interesting because I got to see many of the state Attorneys General. I saw firsthand how they interact with each other and how NAAG plays a pivotal role in promoting cooperation among the states. While at the meeting, I also heard Cal Ripken Jr. address the attendees. This summer was a wonderful experience. Living in D.C. was both a challenge and adventure every day and quite different than life in Ada. I met great people and learned more about the legal profession that will serve me well in the future! I met many people who have dedicated themselves to public service. At the beginning of the summer, the office went on a day trip to the battlefield at Gettysburg. While I had been to Gettysburg before, it is also an incredible experience. This occurred at the end of my first week, so I was still pretty new to the office. Besides learning more about our nation's history, I also got to see many of my co-workers in a relaxed environment. We all learned a lot and had fun too!"

Ashley Weyenberg, second-year law student from Vicksburg, Mich.:
"I worked at Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter in Columbus, Ohio. As a summer associate, I experienced practical situations, learning about issues that are not taught in law school and also honing my legal research and writing skills. These things helped me to broaden my knowledge, insight and abilities and to determine the practice areas that are most interesting to me. I was able to participate in estate closings, oral arguments, business transactions, litigation work, client advising, business development and pro bono work. I feel as though I am moving towards becoming a much more well-rounded person, which will in turn clarify my perspective of the law and my legal education once I return to ONU. I believe that classroom and individual learning will prove much more interesting, engaging and fun, actually. This was the most rewarding, useful and successful summer of my life.
"Although I have had many wonderful experiences, the most memorable of my summer thus far includes the opportunities I had to participate in a sale of a family LLC to an irrevocable grantor trust for a very prominent individual's estate plan. I was able to draft the documents, insert relevant and updated language complying with recent IRS code updates and private letter rulings, give my personal advice to my supervising attorneys and clients, and coordinate the closing procedures for the client and the client's family."

Trena M. Williams, second-year law student from Carrollton, Mass.:
"I worked as a summer associate with Legal Aid of Western Ohio (LAWO) in Fremont, Ohio. By working with LAWO as a summer associate, I have gained more in-depth knowledge of working with clients, attorneys, judges and meeting deadlines. I have interacted with clients by performing client interviews and working with other attorneys during pre-trial hearings. This has indeed been a wonderful experience and I would recommend that every law student work with LAWO at least once to add to their legal career. My most memorable experience was when I attended a pre-trial hearing with my managing attorney regarding a family law/divorce case. I was able to interact with our client and also learn how to handle situations in which opposing counsels/adverse parties are not always pleasant and professional."

Brandon French, second-year law student from Columbia Station, Ohio:
"This summer I worked for Judge Gregory L. Frost, JD '74, of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in Columbus, Ohio. Through this summer experience, my researching skills improved dramatically and I have a better understanding of how the judicial system works and the role of an attorney in it. My most memorable moment was writing an order and then the Judge (as a joke) printed it off LEXIS and framed it for me. It was extremely interesting to do real life work for the first time."

Natalie Damron, third-year law student from Mount Sterling, Ky.:
"I worked with Franklin & Rapp in Lexington, Ky. The experience allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in general practice and specifically in real estate and domestic relations. I enjoyed the day-to-day experience of working in a law firm and preparing myself for when I begin to practice after law school."

Kimberley Tayner, third year law student from Columbus,Ohio:
"I worked for NetJets, Inc., a fractional jet ownership and private jet rental company, in their Columbus, Ohio, office. I worked in the contracts department for the vice president of contracts creating various documents and conducting occasional research. I was also assigned projects from the general counsel. I gained valuable experience with legal research, writing and drafting of documents that I hope will give me an edge in the upcoming recruiting season. Due to the nature of NetJets, most of my memorable experiences are confidential!"

Jacob Ray, third-year law student from Novi, Mich.:
"I clerked in the special prosecutions unit of the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Michigan in Detroit, Mich. My experience introduced me to the practical application of what I have learned thus far in law school, and put me in contact with a number of government agents and agencies. The most memorable experience was being able to attend and contribute to the prosecution of Jeffrey Fieger, albeit a loosing effort. Another highlight was firing an M-16 and an AK-47 at the ATF Range Day."

Luke Overmeyer, second-year law student from Groveport, Ohio:
"I worked as an extern for the Hon. C. Kathryn Preston in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Ohio, in Columbus, Ohio. The summer work experience helped me decide that bankruptcy law is a specialty that I want to pursue and practice once I graduate from law school. My most memorable experience was associated with a Chapter 13 case where I wrote a memo and the judge used my material to make her decision. I felt like the work I had been doing was really benefiting the judge and not just busy work to show me the ropes. It was nice to see the law I felt was correct put into action in the courtroom and see how the attorneys reacted."

Scott Winograd, second-year law student from Bechwood, Ohio:
"I had internships in Cleveland, Ohio, with Ohio Citizen Action and Green Energy Ohio. I want to go into environmental law or a career related to the environment and gained invaluable experience in the area. I researched class actions, toxic torts and environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act. I helped explore a lawsuit against a steel company in Cleveland that is polluting the neighborhoods and harming the health of the residents. I attended meetings with Cleveland and Ohio policy makers regarding Ohio's Energy future. I learned about renewable energy and energy efficiency while helping to mainstream it across Ohio. I had several memorable experiences this summer, including listening to a speech by Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, having lunch with and listening to the president of the American Bar Association, and attending the Great Lakes Energy Taskforce meeting with Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason."

Andromeda McGregor, third-year law student from Nebraska City, Neb.:
"I worked with the Ohio Attorney General's Office in Columbus, Ohio. I interacted with attorneys daily, participated in hearings, negotiations and other meetings. I learned how to apply law school learning with real-life applications and how to practice (i.e. how to file forms, how to type documents, etc). I drafted and signed pleadings filed both in courts and in administrative review agencies. I also assisted in writing two briefs to the Ohio Supreme Court. I was the lead attorney at about eight hearings before the Liquor Control Commission (it is a great feeling to be the person sitting at the table). I was the principal drafter of a brief to be filed to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. All in all, a very memorable summer so far."

Brittany Walker, second-year law student from Frisco, Texas:
"I was an intern at Talley, Crowder & Talley in Norman, Okla. There isn't a case that came through this office over the last six weeks that I did not work with, either in part or in full, so I can't imagine a better experience! My most memorable experience was popping open a bottle of champagne at the office after getting back a not guilty verdict in my first felony jury trial."

Stevie M. Cline, third-year law student from Orient, Ohio
"I worked as a litigation summer associate with Fiat S.p.A. North America/Case New Holland North America, which is headquartered in Torino, Italy, and Racine, Wisc. I logged some major airline frequent flier miles because I had to go between the two offices depending on what was going on. This job was integral in allowing me to network with some internationally acclaimed attorneys and judges. I was also given a hands-on role within the company, which taught me a great deal about the legal needs of a Fortune 50 corporation. Also, the general counsel for Fiat gave me projects to work on with the European and Asian departments as well. My most memorable experience was while I was in Chicago for mediation with Walgreens and I was introduced to Judge Posner by the managing director of our outside counsel firm, Michael King of Dewey & LeBoeuf, LLP."

Bryan Lau, third-year law student from Columbus, Ohio:
"I worked for the firm of Tyack, Blackmore, and Liston Co. LPA., in Columbus, Ohio. At the firm, I performed most of my research and work in the areas of domestic, criminal, juvenile, and personal injury law. Apart from this, I also had an internship with the State of Ohio Personnel Board of Review in Columbus, Ohio, where I actively participated and aided administrative law judges in writing and drafting reports and recommendations concerning the appeals of removals and suspensions of state civil servants and employees. Finally, I helped my father, Edward Lau, JD '88, attorney at law, in his immigration law practice in the evenings by aiding him with the filing, answering, and preparation of a variety of things such as applications for permanent residency, naturalization (citizenship), visas, and methods of relief from removal/deportation.

"This summer experience helped me in understanding the intricacies and inner workings of a true law practice. By being able to actively participate in a small firm atmosphere, I was able to gain an understanding of everything that must be accomplished in a case from start to finish. Moreover, getting a variety of experiences from both the private sector as well as the public, it helped me appreciate the differences between the two (which is quite important when deciding what career path I intend to take).

"The most memorable experience thus far this summer was my traveling to Vancouver for the annual Immigration Law Conference sponsored by AILA. I was able to network, meet many new attorneys as well more experienced veterans in the field. was also able to see Vancouver which is an amazingly beautiful city."

M. Charlotte Sidor, third-year law student from Columbus, Ohio:
"I worked as a summer associate with Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP, in Columbus, Ohio. Not only did I sharpening my research and legal analysis skills, I also learned how to be creative with my legal arguments. I found this extremely important because quite often a client's situation may not neatly fit into textbook cases. In a sense that is what they are paying for--the ability to be creative with the law. My most memorial experience was working and living through the break away of my entire office from one firm to join another Columbus firm. It is quite a unique experience."

Shawn Richter, third-year law student from Franklin, Ind.:
"I worked as an intern at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic in Indianapolis, Ind. It is a not-for-profit organization, which represents clients at no charge if they meet certain income level criteria. It was very fulfilling and a nice break from the stuffy, stressful environment of time and money focused legal work. The whole experience was memorable."

Daniel Meyer, second-year law student from Chardon, Ohio:
"I worked four days a week at the Geauga County Court of Common Pleas and volunteered one day a week at Habitat for Humanity. These experiences helped me to see and understand the way theories and principles of law function in real-world practice, and to have the satisfaction of helping others who are less fortunate. My most memorable moment was when a woman passed out in the courtroom after receiving a six-month sentence for passing bad checks."

Adrian DeGori, second-year law student from Leetsdale, Pa.:
"I worked for the public defender's office in Pittsburgh, Pa. I think this experience will benefit my career in getting experience in the criminal process and observing how the attorneys present themselves in the courtroom."

Jessica Salisbury, third-year law student from Hilliard, Ohio:
"I worked for The Copley Law Firm, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio. The firm does mostly business litigation and construction law. We did a lot with government contracts, etc. This experience showed me that I am interested in business litigation and construction law, two areas I had not really considered before. My most memorable experience was writing a Mandamus Complaint and brief to be filed with the Ohio Supreme Court."

Amber Ehret, second-year law student from Denver, Colo.:
"I studied in London, Paris and Geneva with a program on comparative law through American University, Washington College of Law from May 24 through June 23. I spent one week in London, two weeks in Paris and one week in Geneva. The rest of my summer was spent in northeast Indiana. The study abroad program was incredible. It not only covered the basics of European Economic Law and Human Rights Law, it also provided tremendous exposure to a wide variety of institutions, such as the WTO, UNESCO and ICRC. It was through these institution visits and presentations that I discovered what my dream job would be - working on the legal team at the International Committee of the Red Cross. Having a clear vision of my desired career goal provides a greater ability to take definitive steps to work towards it. The entire month in Europe was very memorable!"

D. Justina Wariya, second-year law student from Houston, Texas:
"I did an internship with Findlay (Ohio) Municipal Court working with Judge Kevin Smith and Judge Robert Fry, JD '75, BA '78. Sometimes I was in court reading charges and statutes or researching different statutory and case law issues and
judgment entries. Municipal Court also holds small claims court on Tuesday evenings with Magistrate Bruce Brimley. I wrote memos and opinions for him as well."

Danielle Aregood, second-year law student from Wilkes Barre, Pa.:
"I worked as a law clerk at Luzerne County Orphans Court, in my hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. I was exposed to many attorneys who work in the field of juvenile law and domestic relations. Through the experience, I secured a placement for next summer and hopefully for when I graduate. I had the opportunity to see how the court system works, observe legal procedures, and see different presentation styles. As a MSW, this is the exact field I would like to work in for my career. I like to attend adoptions. Those were the best days here in Orphans Court."

Heather Wilson, second-year law student from Saluda, Va.:
"I took summer classes, worked as a law clerk for Baran, Piper, Tarkowski & Fitzgerald in Lima, Ohio, and as a research assistant for Professor Sherry Young. At Baran, Piper I worked on a variety of things...real estate, interviews of witnesses, complaints, and several motions for summary judgments, etc. I also researched whether a foreign statute is controlling in Ohio when no judgment has been entered and also worked on a motion for summary judgment regarding res judicata and government immunity for freeholders and auctioneers. The summer clerk position provided me real experience in the law profession and allowed me to network. Robert Fitzgerald, JD '82, was a wonderful mentor."

Alexander Fowler, third-year law student from Bowling Green, Ohio:
"This summer I worked in Columbus, Ohio, as a law clerk for the civil division of the Columbus City Attorney's Office. The civil division is comprised of three sections: Business and Regulation, Labor and Employment, and Litigation. As a law clerk, I had the opportunity to draft various legal documents, conduct research on a variety of different legal issues, assist in deposing witnesses, etc. I drafted a summary judgment motion regarding governmental immunity. Working for the city of Columbus provided me with new and exiting experiences every day."

Erynn Huff, second-year law student from Washington, D.C.:
"I worked at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Washington, D.C., as a program manager as well as being enrolled in the NIH's summer student series for bioethics (a course designed to familiarize students with the field and pair them with a bioethicist so that you get exposure to day-to-day job). I also took a Spanish class in the evenings and volunteered in Washington, D.C., for Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton's office. Participating in the bioethics program gave me exposure to a career where I can combine my J.D. and undergraduate biology degree into a career upon graduation. Just in case I decide that I don't want to pursue that avenue, I also gained exposure to the federal legislative process by working in the congresswoman's office and making important contacts there. My most memorable experience was attending the American Constitution Society's sixth annual conference in June where I met several great lawyers, academics, and lawmakers who have a progressive vision for the country. The keynote speakers were Sen. Patrick Moynihan of New York and former Deputy Attorney General under President Clinton, Eric Holder. It was a fabulous opportunity to talk with the nation's leaders about policy and its impact on the lives of Americans and other citizens of the world as well as discussions about future policies the next administration will be facing and how they can be handled from a progressive viewpoint. I loved it and hope to revitalize the school's dormant ACS chapter in the fall."

Joseph Calmeri, second-year law student from Jamestown, N.Y.:
"I worked at the Toledo, Ohio, office of Roetzell & Andress. My summer experience will benefit my career because it allowed me to become acquainted with the law firm setting, helped me explore alternative types of law, and helped me make a choice regarding my career path. My most memorable experience was going to a ‘Young Lawyers' function put on by the Toledo Bar Association at the house of Judge James Carr of the U.S. District Court of Northern Ohio."

Jennifer Boyer, second-year law student from Canonsburg, Pa.:
"I worked at the law offices of Donald D. Saxton, Jr. in Washington, Pa. I learned quite a bit about oil and gas law in Pennsylvania, as well as how a small law practice operates in a fairly small city. I had the opportunity to meet quite a few interesting clients and am very happy when the work that I did contributed to solving their problems. One couple in particular was having trouble with a bank and I did everything I could to assist Mr. Saxton in helping this couple. When the bank began to cooperate, I was thrilled!"

Randy Petrouske, a second-year law student from Ada, Ohio:
"I studied abroad through Temple's Summer in Rome classes. This experience gave me some firsthand insight into how American businesses are affected by international policy. I also met a lot of students from other schools who have become friends and will be great business contacts for the future. My most memorable experience is hard to choose! One that comes to mind was having a couple Italians engage me in a conversation about American politics on the Metro on my way to class."

Brian Anderson, a second-year law student from Findlay, Ohio:
"I worked this summer as a summer associate at the law firm of Offutt Nord. The firm has offices in Huntington and Charleston, W. Va., and I spent time at both offices. One aspect of the position that I found unique, and especially useful, is that given the geographic location of the firm (i.e. Huntington) the firm has a very active practice in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, as well as other surrounding states. I was able to familiarize myself with the laws, and the practice of law in multiple jurisdictions. I don't have a singular most memorable experience, however, engraved in my mind is my continuing frustration that West Virginia does not have intermediate appellate courts, or an automatic right to appeal, making legal research loads of fun with the scant amount of case-law!"

Rebecca Falvo, second-year law student from Apollo, Pa.:
"I worked as a summer intern in the violent crimes division of the Office of the United States Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pa. It was a fantastic experience. There are three assistant U.S. attorneys in this office that graduated from Ohio Northern. Of those, I worked relatively closely with James Love, JD '83, and Ross Lenhardt, JD '88. I also worked with various other attorneys as projects come up and they need assistance. I spent a great amount of time in federal court. I was able to see the projects that I worked being resolved by the judges. A number of great programs were put together for us with the goal of exposing us to every step of the legal process, from tours of the postal inspectors and FBI to speaking with retired U.S. attorneys and former federal judges about what they look for when hiring. My most memorable experience was spending the day with an assistant U.S. attorney and federal agents helping to prepare search warrants to serve on various Internet companies in a child pornography case, and getting them signed and reviewed by the judge. (Obviously not due to the nature of the case, but rather the ability to work on something from the beginning and see it coming together piece by piece.) As a rising L-2, I had not had very much, if any, experience with search warrants."

Megan Roby, second-year law student from New Brighton, Pa.:
"I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, through the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. My abroad experience provided me with the opportunity to experience another culture, take courses not available at ONU, and learn about the legal system of another country. I took two courses and the program was five-weeks long. The first course was The Use of Force in International Law: From Terrorism to Peacekeeping (all about the use of force after 9/11, Iraq, Kosovo, etc.). The second course was half a professional responsibility course and half a United States v. Australia comparative law course. My most memorable experience academically was observing an Australian Court hearing and seeing the attorneys ("barristers" in Australia) wear robes and wigs. Otherwise, my most memorable experiences were learning to surf and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef!"

Eve Dibble, third-year law student from Marysville, Ohio:
"I worked in a clinic at the Bankruptcy Trustee's office in Toledo, Ohio, a unique opportunity only offered through the clinic experience at Ohio Northern. I learned a lot by seeing real world application of the law with attorneys, judges, and real clients."

Jason Ott, third-year law student from Navarre, Fla.:
"I worked with the Hancock County Public Defender's Office, in Findlay, Ohio. Working there provided me with great practical experience. My most memorable activity was doing a jail interview for an extradition."

Justin Schafer, second-year law student from Bethesda, Ohio:
"This summer, I worked as a judicial extern for Judge Edmund A. Sargus of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, located in Columbus, Ohio. Judge Sargus has served on the District Court since Aug., 23, 1996. My duties as an extern included researching relevant legal issues before the court, drafting opinions and orders and bench memorandums, and observing court proceedings, such as trials, hearings, settlements, and final pretrial conferences. My most memorable experience was getting an opinion and order that I had written signed by Judge Sargus and published on West Law shortly thereafter."