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Welcome Weekend Guidebook

The second step is our four-day Welcome Weekend that begins on Thursday, Aug. 16 and ends on Sunday, Aug. 19. Welcome Weekend is a required event for new ONU students and serves as a comprehensive introduction to nearly everything ONU offers you. Throughout Welcome Weekend you'll meet other new students, faculty, and staff while engaging in more than 20 events on campus. You’ll be led in small groups with upper-class ONU students known as Orientation Leaders (OLs). Your OL will share the ins and outs of being an ONU student and answer your questions as you prepare to start classes on Monday.

Whether you are living on campus or commuting from home, Welcome Weekend is essential for your transition to ONU.

Family members are encouraged to attend Welcome Weekend in addition to the new student. If you have questions regarding Welcome Weekend, please feel free to contact Jennifer Lambdin in the Office of Student Involvement (419-772-3557).

What do I need to do before Welcome Weekend?

As you prepare for your arrival to campus in August, please remember to complete the following:

  1. If you are a Federal Direct and/or Health Professions Loan borrower, you need to sign your Master Promissory Notes and complete entrance counseling online.
  2. View your student eBill to see how much you owe for the Fall semester.  Also, decide if you want your parents to have access to your bill to assist with payments and questions about your account.  Payment plans can be set up online through the eBills site if you wish to use one.
  3. Signup for electronic refund to have overpayments directly deposited into your bank account
  4. Complete the online “Think About It” course through Campus Clarity. This information will be sent to your ONU email account in August. The course will need to be completed prior to your arrival on campus in the fall.
  5. Complete the Summer Reading Program
  6. Review the Move-In Day information for traffic flow, a schedule of the day and general information when preparing for your arrival


Additional details and the full list of items to complete can be found here.

Do I have to have medical insurance through ONU?

Due to the Affordable Care Act now in place, all students are required by law to have insurance coverage.

In the past Ohio Northern University has provided students the opportunity to purchase student health insurance through the University. However, due to declining enrollment in the ONU student health insurance plan over the past few years, Ohio Northern University will no longer offer a domestic student health insurance plan through the University. 

Domestic students who do not currently have health insurance should seek coverage either via a parent's plan or through a public or private insurance exchange.  

International students, please note that Ohio Northern University will continue to provide a student health insurance plan for you in order to meet any visa requirements. Any international students who need to be covered will automatically be added to this plan, and the appropriate charge for the insurance will be added to their student accounts.

When do I get my student ID?

You will receive your student ID when you arrive to campus for Welcome Weekend.

Your student ID will be your key to many events, meals, and your residence hall.  Your photo will be taken during Summer Orientation.  Please be sure you have had your photo taken prior to leaving Summer Orientation to ensure your ID is ready for pick-up when you arrive in the fall.


What do I participate in if I am commuting?

Commuters should participate in all of the activities and events throughout Welcome Weekend from Aug. 16-19.  On Thursday, Aug. 16 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., you will need to stop by the Activities Room in McIntosh Center in order to pick-up your schedule for the weekend. Throughout the weekend, there will be specific opportunities for commuter students to come together and get to know one another in addition to coming together as an entire class for an amazing weekend!  If you have any questions regarding Welcome Weekend, please do not hesitate to contact 419-772-3557 or  We look forward to seeing you on August 16!


Q: How do I know the location for my Summer Reading Small Group Discussion?
A: During commuter central on Thursday evening, you will receive a small orange card with the location of your discussion group. The Welcome Weekend schedule will also contain a map to help you navigate campus throughout the weekend.  If you have any questions, please contact your Orientation Leader.

Q: Are family members required to participate in activities on Thursday?
A: We encourage family members to attend the New Student Convocation and the Farewell Dinner on Thursday. We do not require family members to attend any activities on Thursday.

Q: As a student, I am involved in other activities prior to Welcome Weekend (examples may include athletics, band, etc.).  Should my family still come to the events on Thursday?
A: The activities for family members on Thursday are not required. We encourage those on-campus with their students to participate in the various activities, although it is not required.  

Q: How do I get my ID card?
A: If you had your picture taken during Summer Orientation, you may pick up your ID card in the Activities Room of McIntosh Center between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Thursday. If you did not have your picture taken during Summer Orientation, please go to the Controller's Office in Lehr Memorial during this time to have your picture taken.

Q: There are many activities occurring on Thursday.  What is the appropriate dress?
A: Dress for the day for students and family members is casual.

Q: When do I pick up my parking permit?
A: Parking permits are available for pick-up on Thursday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. in the Activities Room of McIntosh Center.

Q: When is the bookstore open?
A: The bookstore will be open all weekend!  On Thursday, Aug. 16, the bookstore will be open from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  On Friday, Aug. 17, the bookstore will be open from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  On Aug. 18 the bookstore will be open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m and 10 a.m.-3p.m. on Aug. 19.

When do I move-in before classes?

Move-in for new students is on Thursday, August 16.  Residence Halls will open at 8:00am (Note: If you are a member of a fall sport or the marching band, please contact your coach/advisor for your specific arrival information). As you arrive to campus, there are many things you will need to do throughout the day on August 16. Here is a quick list of reminders and things you should know prior to your arrival:

  • Move-In will begin at 8:00 a.m.  
  • All traffic will enter campus from Main Street via College Avenue. Click here to see the traffic map for move-in.
  • Each student will need to have a photo ID (such as a driver’s license, state ID, etc.) in order to get your key at the residence hall.
  • Upon arrival, the Klondike’s Crew (upperclass students from Greek and Religious Life) will greet you and help unload your vehicle.  We request that the driver does not leave the car during this time.  The unloading will occur very quickly with the help of the Klondike's Crew.  The driver will then be able to move the car and park in various lots noted on the map.
  • Any items which can be marked with the hall and room number will help Klondike’s Crew to get the items to your room without any delay.

  • At the convocation, students will process in with their classmates led by a faculty member and will sit with this group throughout the convocation. Family members are encouraged to attend the convocation. 
  • At 4:15 p.m., family members will depart campus as the first session of the evening will begin at 4:30 p.m. for all new students.
  • If you have any questions regarding move-in day, please do not hesitate to contact 419-772-3557 or  We look forward to seeing you on August 16!


Move-In Day FAQs

Q: Can we get the key and check-in prior to 8 a.m.?
A: Move-In Day will begin at 8 a.m.  The residence halls will be open at this time and the Residence Hall Staff will be available to assist with your check-in at that time.

Q: We have a long drive to get to ONU. What time does move-in end?
A: There is not really a set time that move-in ends for the day.  New students have to be at the King Horn Gymnasiums at 1:50 p.m. and all students are required to attend.  Each student is different with how much time they will need to get settled so we ask you to plan accordingly.  Due to the large amounts of students arriving at the same time, please also plan for any delays in getting checked-in due to increased traffic from other students and families.

Q: How do I know the location for my Summer Reading Small Group Discussion?
A: Upon check-in at your residence hall, new students will receive a small orange card with the location of your discussion group. The Welcome Weekend schedule will also contain a map to help you navigate campus throughout the weekend.  If you have any questions, please contact your Residence Hall Staff.

Q: Are family members required to participate in Move-In Day activities?
A: If family members are on campus during move-in to assist their student, we encourage you to participate in the activities. We do not require family members to attend move-in day.

Q: As a student, I am moving in early (examples may include athletics, band, etc.).  Should my family come to the events on Move-In Day?
A: The activities for family members on move-in day are not required. We encourage those on-campus with their students to participate in the various activities, although it is not required.  

Q: How do I get my ID card?
A: If you had your picture taken during Summer Orientation, you may pick up your ID card in the Activities Room of McIntosh Center between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on move-in day. If you did not have your picture taken during Summer Orientation, please go to the Controller's Office in Lehr Memorial during this time to have your picture taken.

Q: There are many activities occurring on Thursday.  What is the appropriate dress?
A: You will be moving into your new room, getting settled, and participating in many activities.  Dress for the day for students and family members is casual.

Q: When do I pick up my parking permit?
A: Parking permits are available for pick-up on move-in day from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. in the Activities Room of McIntosh Center.

Q: When is the bookstore open?
A: The bookstore will be open all weekend!  On move-in day, the bookstore will be open from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  On Friday, Aug. 17, the bookstore will be open from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  On Aug. 18 the bookstore will be open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m and 10 a.m.-4p.m. on Aug. 19.

Will I get to meet any upper-class students during Welcome Weekend?

Yes!  As a new student, you will be have an upper-class mentor throughout Welcome Weekend.  This individual knows first-hand what it is like to be a new student at ONU and is excited to meet and help you as you get settled in the first weekend!  This new student will be a part of the Orientation Leader (OL) group.  OLs are a group of energetic, dedicated, and fun leaders who will attend all of the events throughout the weekend with you.  Each student will be in a group with 15-20 students and an OL.  Your OL will be your guide throughout Welcome Weekend to help you know where to go, answer any questions and help you get adjusted to life at Northern.

Meet the Orientation Leaders

How do I learn about work study and employment on and off campus?

Students interested in finding on and off campus employment can look for open positions and submit a student employment application by going to our website and clicking on the Polar Careers icon on the right side of the webpage. Even students without federal work study can apply for these positions. We encourage you to check often for the latest postings. Many departments begin hiring for the next academic year in late spring and continue throughout the summer and early fall. For any questions about applying for a position please contact

  • To access your Polar Careers account, click here
  • Select Student/Alumni and log in using your ONU full email address and ONU password
  • Search for on and off campus jobs from the Jobs tab plus much more
  • Navigation within your account is straight forward.  However, if you need assistance while cruising through the information please email or call us at 419-772-2145 and we will be happy to help.
  • FAQs with instructions on how to apply for student employment are located here

Can I get involved with a fraternity or sorority?

Yes!  At Ohio Northern University, first-year students are eligible to join a fraternity or sorority.  The Greek Letter Community has seven fraternities and four sororities which comprise about 20% of the students at Ohio Northern University. Fraternity/Sorority organizations offer opportunities for students to explore leadership abilities and to acquire new leadership positions. Upon joining a fraternity or sorority, students instantly meet many different people with diverse backgrounds.  By living and working together, Fraternity/Sorority members realize the importance of compromise and good relations in achieving necessary goals.

Fraternity/Sorority chapters provide members with hands-on experience with both hard and soft skill development that is transferable skills into the workplace. Running a chapter is just like running a business. The community includes positions for executive officers, all the way down to committees.  Each chapter is responsible for its own budget, which is often thousands of dollars. Key committees include community service, social, scholarship, recruitment, fraternity and sorority relations, so everyone can get involved.

While certain values, rules and procedures are very much a part of Fraternity/Sorority Life (as in any organization), fraternity and sorority members respect the individual talents, interests and accomplishments of their members. Fraternity/Sorority members are students from different cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. Fraternity/Sorority members are involved as tutors, Good News Bears, athletes, band members, Chapel staff members, or members of the Residence Life staff. Check out the Fraternities and Sororities to see if Greek Life is for you!

Each student will receive information which details Fraternity/Sorority life, the recruitment process at Ohio Northern, and each individual group in the Fall when you move into the residence halls.

Are there many student organizations on campus? How can I get involved?

At Ohio Northern University, there are many different ways to get involved. There are over 200 clubs organizations to become involved during your time at Ohio Northern University.
A complete list of the organizations on campus can be found online.

Each year, Student Senate and the Office of Student Involvement host Welcome Fest in the King-Horn Field House. This annual event will involve over 150 organizations, local businesses and several University offices. Welcome Fest will occur during Welcome Weekend, on Sunday, August 19, from 2-4pm.

The purpose of the event is to help new students become acquainted with the members and leaders of student organizations on campus as well as local businesses and opportunities in and around the Ada community.

Students who attend the event will be able to receive different types of handouts, from information on clubs, activities and resources to fun and games such as frisbees, candy, food, pens, ice cream and different types of promotional material.

Are there diversity programs and organizations on campus?

Ohio Northern University’s motto is strength through diversity. The Office of Multicultural Development (OMD) was created to acknowledge, respect, celebrate and support cultural sensitivity within the university community. In October of 1995, the university established the multicultural center. The OMD sponsors a number of programs and services that are designed to cultivate retention, scholarship, intellectual engagement, and cultural awareness. Program efforts include but are not limited to:

  • Dimension Award Scholars Program
  • Opening the Way Multicultural Reception
  • Cultural Conversation Hours


Additionally, the OMD co-sponsors educational programs throughout the year with various student organizations. Examples of these programs include the World Student Organization sponsored Multicultural Fair and the Black Student Union sponsored Kuumba festival. In the past, the university has welcomed such well known speakers as Coretta Scott King, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, former president of the NAACP, and famed gospel singer CeCe Winans.

International Student Services is also housed within the Office of Multicultural Development. International Student Services is concerned with assisting international students with their transition to the USA and Ohio Northern University.  ISS also offers opportunities for international and domestic students to connect and exchange experiences. Some of those opportunities include:

  • International Student Orientation
  • Annual Multicultural Fair
  • Polar Pals Mentoring Program


You are encouraged to actively engage in our endeavors to reach the goal and mission of a truly diverse University community!

Can I utilize the Student Health Center?

The ONU Health Center is a FREE, walk in clinic for ONU students. Any ONU student, regardless of insurance may utilize our services. The Health Center provides general health assessments, treatment, as well as referrals to specialist in the area.

Students who are ill and miss classes are responsible for notifying their professors concerning missed classes/assignments.

Students are required to complete a medical history form with immunizations and TB screening questionnaire form prior to arriving on campus (must be completed before initial assessment in the health center) Forms can be obtained in the HC or on the Health Center website.

For your first visit, please be sure to bring your Student ID and insurance card with you.

The ONU Health Center is open 6 days a week including day and evening hours.  Conveniently located behind the Freed Center and near the first-year residence halls, the ONU Health Center staff includes a Certified Nurse Practitioner, a medical physician, and Registered Nurses. 

While the Health Center staff tries to accommodate walk-in students, students with appointments will be evaluated first. It is recommended to call in advance for an appointment at 419-772-2086 to see the physician. Most laboratory tests such as throat cultures, urine cultures, complete blood counts, and lab mononucleosis screenings are sent to a reference laboratory and a fee is charged by that laboratory (Pathology Laboratories). Prescriptions are filled by a local pharmacy and billed to student's insurance. Referrals are made as needed at student's cost. ALL FEES are the responsibility of the patient.

The ONU Health Center provides a variety of Services including:

  • Assess illness, injury, & all health concerns
  • Collect lab specimens-blood, urine, cultures, Urine Drug Screens, etc.
  • Varicella – Chicken pox, MMR, HEP B Titers
  • Draw lab orders for Family Physicians
  • CLIA waived diagnostic lab test; Mono, Strep, Urine, Pregnancy test
  • Earwax Removal
  • Suture insertion & removal
  • Wound Care
  • Blood Pressure monitoring
  • Prescription renewal
  • Travel medications
  • General health assessment and first aid care
  • Well women exams-pap
  • Referral to specialists for; X-ray’s, CT scans, MRI, Vision, Dental
  • Track immunization compliance for Nursing, Pharmacy, Clinical Lab Science, and Athletic Training majors
  • Loan out crutches, wheelchairs, and nebulizers as needed
  • Health education material


Where do I go if I need emotional or academic support on campus?

The Counseling Center provides professional counseling services to students experiencing emotional, social, educational, or vocational difficulties.  Whether a student’s issues are situational or more chronic in nature, the Center’s licensed mental health professionals are available to provide competent, respectful care in a confidential setting.         

Students should feel comfortable accessing the Counseling Center regardless of whether they feel their problem is “serious enough” to do so.  Study habits, homesickness, room-mate problems, and difficulty choosing a major are just a few of the issues which students seek help with.  Other concerns may include stress, social anxiety, depression, or substance abuse.

In addition to emotional struggles, the Counseling Center also provides assistance to students with academic related difficulties such as study habits, time management, procrastination, and test taking. Vocational concerns often involve choice of major or career selection. Whatever the problem, professional, confidential help is just a phone call away.  No referral is necessary.

It is the goal of the Counseling Center to assist students in resolving difficulties which could impede their academic and social success and to help every student achieve their full potential.  

Learn more about the Counseling Center’s staff and services.

What opportunities exist in music and/or theatre?

Opportunities in Choral Music:

Choral groups on campus are varied and diverse and are available for all singers (or potential singers) by audition and/or non-audition. Non-music majors are very welcome to participate, and will find their musical activities a welcome balance to their major fields. Credit also applies toward elective and Fine Arts requirements. Singers can receive non-major scholarships for ensembles through successful auditions and a commitment to audition for that ensemble each semester. Students can make wonderful music while contributing a great service to the university in addition to their educational and artistic well-being. Excellent choral singing has been a long-standing tradition at Ohio Northern University and with continued involvement will prosper well into the future. If you are interested in participating in one or more of these ensembles, please contact Dr. Rebecca Casey, Chair of the Music Department, at or 419-772-2156, or Dr. Chris Larsen at or call 419-772-2191.

University Singers, a select ensemble of 48-60 singers, performs music from various periods, including performances with symphony orchestras and tours nationally as well as overseas. Membership is open to all students and by audition only. Contact Dr. Chris Larsen at or call 419-772-2191.

ONU Men’s Chorus, a men’s chorus comprised of students, faculty, staff, and community members, performs music from sacred to secular, from Barbershop to Broadway. The ensemble performs on campus as well as yearly tours. No audition is required. Contact Dr. Chris Larsen at or call 419-772-2191.

ONU Women’s Chorus, a women’s chorus comprised of students, faculty, staff, and community members performing music appropriate for women’s voices. The ensemble performs on campus as well as yearly tours.  No audition is required. Contact Dr. Chris Larsen at or call 419-772-2191.

Chamber Singers is highly select choral ensemble of 8-16 members performing appropriate literature both a cappella and accompanied from Renaissance to Contemporary. Performances include concerts on and off campus. Membership is by audition. Contact Chris Larsen at or 419-772-2191.

Opera Workshop prepares singers in the learning and performance of various styles and genres of opera both on and off campus. Presentations vary from chamber to children’s to grand opera. Membership is by audition only. Contact Kirsten Osbun Manley at or call 419-772-1998.

Opportunities in Instrumental Music

Students who play musical instruments are invited to join the instrumental performing groups at Ohio Northern University. Non-music majors are very welcome to participate, and will find their musical activities a welcome balance to their major fields. Credit also applies toward elective and Fine Arts requirements. If you have worked to achieve proficiency on an instrument and enjoyed being involved in high school, then, by all means, don’t quit now! Most non-music major students in our university bands and ensembles say that participation in the music program has not hindered their academic performance, but instead has taught them discipline and motivation to succeed. Excellent instrumental music has been a long-standing tradition at Ohio Northern University and with continued involvement will prosper well into the future. More than 500 students participate in musical groups annually at ONU. Instrumentalists can receive non-major scholarships or participation awards for ensembles through successful auditions and a commitment to 2 semesters of lessons and an audition for that ensemble each semester.

If you are interested in joining an ONU band, the Symphony Orchestra or an ensemble, please register for them during summer orientation. For additional information please contact Dr. Thomas Hunt at or 419-772-2151 or the Chair of the Music Department, Dr. Rebecca Casey, at 419-772-2156.

The ONU Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Travis Juergens, and the ONU Wind Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Thomas A. Hunt, hold joint auditions   for all orchestral/band instruments during or before the first week of Fall Semester. For audition information contact Dr. Thomas Hunt at (419-772-2151) or Dr. Travis Juergens at, or (419) 772-2690.

Marching Band

Auditions are not required for membership — any ONU instrumentalist or color guard/flag twirler is welcome to join. However, an audition for placement will be necessary. Auditions for wind instrumentalists will consist of three scales (Concert Bb, C, Eb) and sight-reading (students should also be prepared to demonstrate coordination by playing a Bb major scale while marking time). Percussionists should perform basic rudiments and/or sight reading. Auditions for Color guard (Flag & Rifle) will consist of any prepared routine, at least two minutes in length, to any type of music. The Athletic Band also participates in providing spirited music for basketball games. No audition is required. Contact Dr. Charles Bates at, or call 419-772-2155.

Symphonic Band

No audition is required for membership in the ONU Symphonic Band, which meets during spring semester. A placement audition, consisting of scales and sight reading, will be held during the first week of rehearsals.  
Questions about Marching or Symphonic Band? Please contact Dr. Charles Bates at or call 419-772-2155.

**Participants in Marching Band (fall) and Symphonic Band (spring) are eligible for band grants if they participate during each semester during an academic year.  Contact Dr. Thomas Hunt, 419-772-2151 or Dr. Rebecca Casey, Chair, 419-772-2156 for further details.

Jazz Ensemble

Auditions for Jazz Band are open to all students. If you would like more information, contact Dr. David Kosmyna at or call 419-772-2152.

Steel Drum Band

Studies and performs music specific to the steel drum idiom. Includes music of the Caribbean, especially the island nations Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Performances are scheduled on and off campus, and the group is open to all qualified students without audition. Students must be able to read music. For more information, please contact Dr. Sarah Waters at or call 419-772-2704.

New Music Ensemble: Composer’s Workshop

Students interested in joining the New Music Ensemble must contact its director, Dr. David Kosmyna for permission. Please contact him at or call 419-772-2152.

Small Instrumental Ensembles

Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, String Ensemble, or Percussion Ensemble are open to all students. These groups rehearse once a week and perform on a joint concert once per term. No audition is required. Please contact Dr. Rebecca Casey, Music Department Chair, at 419-772-2156.

Chamber Music
These ensembles perform with or without a conductor and are coached by various faculty. Trios, quartets and quintets for woodwind, brass and strings as well as mixed ensembles with piano and percussion perform each semester.  Please contact Dr. Rebecca Casey, Music Department Chair, at 419-772-2156.

Opportunities in Theatre Arts

The Department of Theatre Arts produces eight shows annually including two musicals, two dramas, two dance concerts, the Holiday Spectacular, and either our International Theatre Festival or Student Directed One-acts. Thirty international and national professional guest artists serve as designers, choreographers, directors and playwrights supplementing our faculty and providing valuable networking resources for our students. Productions tour locally and internationally, and the department encourages study abroad. The department has majors in International Theatre Production, Musical Theatre and Theatre with minors in Arts Administration, Dance and Theatre. The Freed Center for the Performing Arts is a modern fully equipped theatre complex, with both a black box and a proscenium theatre.

GET INVOLVED!!  ALL STUDENTS, regardless of major, are encouraged to audition for shows, as well as work backstage as stage managers, and crew. See the Theatre booth at Welcome Fest at the beginning of the school year, or contact Lin Fletcher in the Department of Theatre Arts for more information.

We also hire approximately 40 work-study students in the scene shop and costume shop. Information meetings for these exciting positions are held the first week of classes. Please refer to the Polar Careers website or email Kathe DeVault for more information

For additional information regarding Theatre Arts:

How can I maintain my spiritual development while at ONU?

Religious Life doesn’t just happen in the Chapel, and students are exploring and growing in faith throughout the week.  The Chaplain is always available for pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and friendly conversation.  

Worship and Prayer Opportunities

  • Christian Worship every Thursday at 11 a.m.  Lunch provided.  Holy Communion follows immediately after every other week.
  • A variety of Christian denominations have congregations in town.  See the Chaplain’s office, or the Religious Life website for locations and times.
  • Friday Prayers for the Muslim community are held in Clark Hall every Friday at Noon.
  • Weekly prayer in the liturgical tradition is offered in the prayer room every week.  
  • Fusion, the worship meeting of Northern Christian Fellowship, meets in the McIntosh Bear Cave every Thursday at 9 p.m.
  • The Multi-Faith Room and Prayer Room in the Chapel are open 24 hours a day for private prayer, meditation, or devotions.


Religious Life Organizations:

  • Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Kappa Phi
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Newman Club
  • Northern Christian Fellowship
  • Ohio Northern Christian Apologetics
  • Sigma Theta Epsilon
  • Merge


Other Opportunities:

  • Ada Friends mentoring program
  • Worship Volunteers, Worship Band, and Tech Team


Outreach Teams: Gospel Ensemble, Son’s Rays (contemporary Christian music octet) and Northern Chimes (bell choir).

Follow us on social Media:  @onuchapel and @ONUChaplain on Twitter, ONU Chapel on  Facebook


What are the policies and behavior expectations on campus?

The Office of Student Conduct is intended to help students work through any non-academic disciplinary issues that may arise during the course of their education at Ohio Northern University. The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for publishing the Student Handbook, which contains the Student Code of Conduct. The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to explain student rights and responsibilities as members of the Ohio Northern University community.  The Code of Conduct is based upon the values contained in the University Mission Statement:

Influenced by a unique history and an enduring affiliation with the United Methodist Church, Ohio Northern University’s mission is to provide a high quality learning environment that prepares students for success in their careers, service to their communities, the nation, and the world, and a lifetime of personal growth inspired by the higher values of truth, beauty, and goodness. The University’s distinctive academic program includes mutually supporting liberal and professional education components that integrate practice with theory, complemented by excellent co-curricular offerings that enrich the Northern experience. To fulfill this mission, faculty and staff engage with students so they can learn to think critically, creatively, and entrepreneurially, communicate effectively, gain practical experience, solve problems collaboratively, and act as ethical and responsible members of a global community.

The University community subscribes to and strongly supports the right of each student to live, study, and work in a quiet, peaceful and respectful atmosphere conducive to the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge. Enrollment at the University obligates all students to conduct themselves as responsible members of the University community, whether on or off campus. Each member of the community is expected to assume responsibility for creating an environment that furthers the goals of the University. Accordingly, each student is expected to be fully acquainted with all published policies, rules and regulations of the University and will be held responsible for compliance with them.

What community service opportunities are available?

A majority of students at ONU are actively engaged in community service throughout the year, and service is a part of our DNA as a university.  Get Connected ONU is your source for finding volunteer opportunities online. The website can be found here, and you can sign in with your existing ONU username and password.  Once signed in, you can search for volunteer opportunities by zip code or key word, or you can sign up for ONU-only events that are featured on a regular basis.  Track your service hours using this convenient online tool!  Get Connected ONU is run by the Office of the Chaplain. Questions can be directed to:

During Welcome Weekend, you will be presented with the first service opportunity of the year—Ada Community Engagement (ACE) Day.  This year will mark the seventh for this annual event held during opening weekend as a way for our new students to get involved in their new community and learn more about Ada.  Sign-up for ACE Day today!

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that is also related to the Chaplain’s Office. Each year during spring break, students, along with faculty and staff advisors, travel to multiple different locations around the country to build new homes with Habitat International.  Our chapter also works closely with our local Habitat affiliate on whatever house-building project they are working on each year, as well as helping local residents who need minor home repairs or rehab work to be completed.

How do I get mail on campus?

Students residing on campus will receive a unit box number from the ONU Mail Center.  Each student will receive (via ONU email) their unit box and combination approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of Fall Semester.  Your unit box can also be found by logging into Self-Service Banner. Items cannot be sent to ONU prior to two weeks before the start of Fall Semester.

Students will pick up their mail in the mailroom located in McIntosh Center. The address will need to include
        a. Student name
        b. Unit Box Number
        c. Address

This is an example of the correct mailing address for all students that reside in campus housing:

      Klondike Bear
      Unit 1234
      402 W. College Ave.
      Ada, Ohio 45810

All items are to be sent to this address when using any means of shipping. (USPS, FedEx, UPS etc.). Items sent using any other address may be delayed or returned to the sender.

The ONU Mail Center also offers a variety of services.  Currently shipping options include:

  • US Postal Service
  • Al services that are offered at any US Post Office
  • FedEx
  • Domestic (USA) shipping only
  • FedEx Express, 2 day, Ground

If you wish to ship an item via UPS, items with a pre-paid UPS label can be taken to the ONU Bookstore.

NOTE - Any item being shipped will need to be prepared for shipment prior to bringing to the ONU Mail Center. The ONU Mail Center does not provide shipping material or packing tape.
Once a unit box and combination is assigned, students will keep the same unit number for as long as they reside in campus housing. Unit boxes are closed only when a student moves to off campus housing or leaves the university.

First Class Mail received over the summer months will be forwarded to the primary residence of the student. All non First Class Mail will be discarded as the USPS does not permit forwarding of any type of mail other than First Class Mail. UPS and FedEx items received over the summer for students not on campus will be returned to the sender as UPS and FedEx does not permit ONU to forward any items received.

Students that will remain on campus for the summer are required to notify the ONU Mail Center so that items received are not forwarded.

Students are required to notify the ONU Mail Center if/when there are any changes with their mailing address. This can be done online or in person at the ONU Mail Center.

Can I preorder my books for my classes?

Yes!  You can choose to have all of your books reserved and ready for pick-up when you arrive to campus in the fall!  To search for your books and place an order, visit the Bookstore website.

The Bookstore is conveniently located in McIntosh Center and open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m with extended hours over Welcome Weekend.

In addition to purchasing new, used, rental and digital text books in the bookstore, students can purchase notebooks, folders, and computer supplies. ONU sportswear and other supplies are also available to the students. Students may also send and receive faxes to and from anywhere in the US at the bookstore for $.75 per page. Students wishing to send packages by UPS can ship them from within the bookstore by paying for the specified UPS cost. FedEx Services are available through the Mail Center.

Dates to remember:

Summer Orientation
June 14, 15, 21, & 22, 2018

Welcome Weekend
August 16-19, 2018

Move-In Day
August 16, 2018

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