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Alumni Careers

Career paths upon graduation from ONU Department of Chemistry:

About 1/3 of graduates enter the workforce directly, 1/3 enter professional schools (medical fields and law) and 1/3 enter graduate schools (chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, material science, environmental engineering).

Sample list of ONU graduates from the last 20 years:

With B.S. degree:

  • analytical chemist, wastewater treatment plant, GC/MS specialist
  • journal editor, Chemical Abstract Services
  • research assistant, anatomy lab, Ohio State Univ.
  • research chemist, Battelle Research Institute
  • supervisor of field chemists, Hazardous Waste Disposal Company
  • hazardous waste site evaluator
  • senior process chemist, Cooper Tire
  • physics and chemistry teachers (Pandora-Gilboa, Ada, Van Wert, St. Mary's, etc.)
  • agricultural attache, USDA, Indonesia
  • scientific materials manager, Kent State Univ.
  • bioatomaton engineer, Genome Therapeutics
  • purchasing agent, Eli Lilly
  • chemist, environmental testing lab
  • product development and production chemists, Anatrace Corp.

With M.S. degree:

  • synthetic organic chemist, Merrill Dow Pharmaceuticals (2 students: MS, Stanford and MS, Wayne State)
  • product group leader, VISTA chemical (MBA, Missouri)
  • professor, chemical education, Allegheny Col. (MS, Penn State)
  • computer network manager, State of Ohio (High School LAN) (MS, Arizona)
  • analytical chemist, HPLC specialist, Anatrace (MS, Wright State)
  • science librarian, Colby College (MS, UMass)

With Ph.D. degree

  • professor of chemistry, Hamilton Col. (MIT)
  • professor of chemistry, U. of Tennessee (Ohio State)
  • senior research scientist, Sandia National Lab (Stanford)
  • vice-president, new product research, CEM Corp (Kansas State)
  • quality control supervisor, Dow Chemical (Michigan)
  • research scientist, NIST (Illinois)
  • protein chemist, Quaker Oats (Wisconsin)
  • research chemist, Lubrizol (Wisconsin)

With advanced degrees in other fields

  • toxicologist, Proctor and Gamble (Michigan State)
  • new product development specialist, 3M Corp (Kentucky)
  • patent attorney (MS, ILL; JD, ONU)
  • professor of pharmacology, U. of Toledo
  • professor of horticulture, Iowa State Univ.
  • podiatrist
  • veterinarian
  • occupational therapeutics psychologist
  • medical doctors (many, in all fields, working in private practice, clinics, and academics)