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Disability Resources

Ohio Northern University does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities. Accordingly, the school will provide reasonable academic accommodations when the student provides sufficient documentation describing his or her disability and the accommodation(s) requested in accordance with school procedures.

It is important to note that colleges and universities have different guidelines than high schools relating to what documentation is required for accommodations to be granted, and it is encouraged that students review all of the materials below thoroughly before requesting accommodations.
Information on the undergraduate colleges’ policy and the necessary forms are available below. Students interested in the College of Law’s Disability Services policies should click here.


Please direct specific questions about disability services to the appropriate representative below:

College of Arts & Sciences
Melissa Verb
Assistant to the Dean
Getty College of Arts & Sciences
(419) 772-2534

College of Engineering
John-David Yoder
T.J. Smull College of Engineering

College of Law
Bryan Ward
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Claude W. Pettit College of Law

Special Dietary Needs
Terri Mathis
General Manager
Sodexho (Dining Services)

College of Business Administration
Robert Kleine
Associate Dean
James F. Dicke College of Business Administration

College of Pharmacy
Kelly Sheilds
Assistant Dean
Raabe College of Pharmacy

Special Housing
Justin Courtney
Director of Residence Life