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The Department of Technological Studies

The mission of the Department of Technological Studies is to graduate life-long learners that possess a high degree of technological literacy. These students will be able to effectively understand, utilize and manage current and emerging technologies. This expertise will be developed through experience in a broad industrial based, integrated curriculum that emphasizes teamwork, creativity, problem solving, appropriate technology, and effective decision making.

The course work comprising the curriculum in the Department of Technological Studies is designed to prepare young minds for careers in professional technical fields throughout industry and education. The intent is to provide broad, foundational experiences in the technologies and applied sciences that comprise a modern industrial-technical society. Carefully structured classroom and laboratory activities feature numerous operations and processes that promote realistic involvement with the construction, manufacturing, communication, and energy-power-transportation related fields. Course work and associated laboratory assignments place emphasis on researching, designing, experimenting, and fabricating. The need for people with broad understanding of our industrial-technical society is greater than ever and will continue to be so as the pace of technological change steadily increases.