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Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Moser, BS '62

Paul Moser"I have been rewarded by my education at Ohio Northern in so many ways . . .

"It has resulted in making new friends and going places I only dreamed about." Mr. Paul R. Moser, who received his BS in electrical engineering from Ohio Northern University in 1962, has supported his alma mater with his gifts so that others can experience choices of a lifetime.

"It has been my pleasure to share with Ohio Northern the results of this education by giving gifts from time to time."

When Paul retired he had accumulated company stock from the firm where he worked. When he received an ONU charitable gift annuity brochure explaining the benefits from giving appreciated stock to his alma mater, he knew he had found a way to support his university and, at the same time, receive a fixed life income for himself and his wife, Ruth, and an income-tax deduction.