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A Perfect Landing: design and art education programs saw every 2014 graduate find employment in his or her field within six months of graduation

January—Of all the questions parents ask during the college search, “Will my child get a job?” is usually right at the top. It also happens to be the question Ohio Northern University admissions counselors like to answer most, because the numbers don’t lie.

ONU’s most recent graduating class continues to raise the bar and set new standards for reported post-graduation placement. A record 95 percent of the class of 2014 reported placement within their degree fields after six months, up from a healthy 94 percent for the class of 2013. Over the past eight years, Ohio Northern’s placement rate exceeds the national average.

Ninety-seven percent of graduates participated in the assessment report issued by Polar Careers, ONU’s career services office. It included full-time employment, admission into a graduate program and military service in its definition of placement.

A highlight of the report is the record number of academic departments with 100 percent placement. Every single graduate from 15 academic programs found placement within six months of graduation. In the Art & Design Department, all graduates from the design and art education programs found employment. That’s a lot of very happy parents.

“Our placement rates are among the best in the country,” says Daniel A. DiBiasio, president of Ohio Northern University. “We are committed to continuing and improving upon them as part of The Ohio Northern Promise, which provides a more affordable college education while maintaining the excellent programs and services that have always attracted students to Ohio Northern University.”

At the department level, A&D partners with Polar Careers to provide a wide range of programs and resources for students. The department is dedicated to providing effective career tools that help prepare and empower students to a make a successful transition from studying with a distinguished and creative faculty to applying their knowledge and skills to a professional practice.

Originally designated as the School of Fine Arts and later the College of Fine Arts, the art & design program was first established as an independent academic unit at Ohio Northern in 1878, largely as an outgrowth of course work in engineering and architectural drawing. Today, Ohio Northern offers both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees with majors in advertising design, art education, graphic design and studio arts with concentrations in two-dimensional, three-dimensional and pre-art therapy. The department of A&D holds memberships in national organizations such as the National Art Education Association, College Art Association, Foundations in Art: Theory and Education, AIGA: The Professional Association for Design, and the National Council on Education of Ceramic Arts. The department is recognized in the second and third editions of “Creative Colleges: A Guide for Student Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians and Writers” as one of the best creative programs nationwide.

image: Jennifer Jervis (BA/art education) graduated this past May and is now an art education teacher at the Bellefontaine City Schools in Ohio. Art education graduates saw a 100% job placement rate within six months of graduation.