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Message from the Chair

Dear prospective student,

I see that you are interested in Mathematics as a main topic for your future undergraduate studies. Therefore, I would like to advertise a little bit the Mathematics and Statistics programs at Ohio Northern University. We offer majors in:

  • Mathematics – with concentrations in Advanced Mathematical Studies (mainly for those intending to pursue further graduate studies at Masters or Doctoral levels) and Mathematics with Teaching Licensure (intended for future high school teachers),
  • Applied Mathematics (mainly for those intending to pursue careers in various industries, including computing, information technology and finance) and
  • Mathematical Statistics – with concentrations in Applied Statistics (mainly for those looking for statistical consulting careers in a variety of areas), and Actuarial Sciences (for those intending to pursue - after passing a series of Actuarial Exams, careers in risk management, insurance and business).

We also offer minors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Applied Statistics.

Our students have the opportunity to get involved in research starting from their early stages of their presence at ONU. In collaboration with our faculty, our students published 13 research papers that appeared in various Mathematics journals with international audience, solve problems from leading mathematics journals, and delivered more than 80 presentations at professional conferences at state and national levels. Among the research topics investigated by our students we can enumerate:

  • Number theory, cryptography and sequences
  • Knot theory and discrete mathematics
  • Algorithms, random structures and simulation
  • Mathematics, geometry and art
  • Mathematical applications to physics, chemistry, engineering, business, and computer science
  • Environmental science
  • Statistics in sports
  • Statistical finance and banking

If you want to visit ONU, and the Mathematics and Statistics department in particular, please use this e-mail address to contact me, and I will be more than happy to arrange such a visit, at a date convenient for you and your parents. The ONU Mathematics and Statistics website can be found at the address Take a look, and read about our programs. I would be happy to hear from you!


Mihai Caragiu - chair

Mathematics and Statistics Department - Ohio Northern University

Phone: 419-772-2352