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Applied Statistics Program

The Applied Statistics Concentration

Program description:

  • Statistical methods of data analysis and interpretation are used in a wide variety of areas of inquiry ranging from life and social sciences, medicine, business and economics, insurance, quality control, to experimental particle physics and observational astronomy. An effective statistical methodology requires a very good mathematical background. In turn, statistical research often poses interesting mathematical questions.
  • Upon graduation, students choose to apply their expertise and knowledge in insurance, statistical consulting, or epidemiology/biostatisics jobs that are both challenging and offer good earnings.
  • Alternatively, after graduation some students may choose to pursue advanced study of statistics or applied statistics in graduate school.

Extra-curricular professional activities and student success:

  • Presenting at state and/or national mathematics conferences.
  • Participating in internships.
  • Gaining experience in matters of statistical consulting by interacting with ONU statistics faculty.

Selected student research - Applied Statistics: Asking sensitive questions using statistics, The ‘hot hand’ effect, Probability of winning a tennis match, Parity in professional sports, Quantifying defensive ability in baseball, Latin squares and Sudoku, Probability for the minesweeper game, March madness probabilities, Obstructed random walks, Monte Carlo simulations, Fear of crime, an investigative analysis, Free agency influence on hitter performance, The Ehrenfest model – analysis via Markov chains and recurrent events, Predicting winning percentage, Covariates of pancreas transplant survival in recipients of combined kidney-pancreas grafts, Facebook-related statistics. Brief: Statistics in sports, Biostatistics, Random processes, Games.

ONU in the news: Odds of the "Perfect Bracket" - MARCH MATHNESS (WLIO news - LIMA, OH)

Placement upon graduation:

  • INDUSTRY: Farmers Insurance, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Progressive Insurance, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Crown Equipment Company, United Medical Resources, Sky Financial Solutions, Emerson Climate Technologies
  • GRADUATE SCHOOLS: University of Michigan, Wright State University, North Carolina State University, University of Akron, Florida State University.