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Mathematics with Teacher Licensure Program

The Mathematics with Teacher Licensure Concentration

Program description

  • Nationally recognized through the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)/Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).  The Center for Teacher Education’s program has full continuing accreditation through CAEP.  
  • Teacher candidates complete all requirements for Ohio’s Integrated Mathematics (grades 7-12) license allowing the new teacher to teach any mathematics in grades 7-12.  
  • The student gains substantial experience in local schools prior to the completion of the degree.  In addition, these students become professionally engaged through attendance at state and regional conferences.
  • Since it is a Mathematics degree, some students have chosen graduate school or industry after graduation.

Extra-curricular professional activities and student success:

  • Presenting at state and/or national mathematics conferences (several student poster presentations received awards at national conferences).
  • Participating in summer research programs (REU).
  • Problem solving from mathematical journals and having their solutions recognized or published.
  • Being co-authors in faculty-student publications.
  • The students in the Mathematics with Teaching Licensure program received several NASA - OSGC Education Scholarships.

Selected student research topics: Taxicab geometry,  Guarding a Koch fractal art gallery, Gaussian integers, Chordal geometries, The affine cipher, Symmetry, Quilting, Tessellations, Projective geometry, The golden section, Number theory and cryptography, The Euclidean algorithm, Fibonacci – type sequences, Advanced compass and straightedge constructions, Solutions to the shortest path problem, Sangaku problems, Mathematical approaches to music, Ducci games. Brief: Geometry, Mathematics and art, Number theory, Combinatorics.

SECONDARY EDUCATION JOBS (MATHEMATICS TEACHERS) – Upon graduation, recent ONU Mathematics Major with Teacher Licensure graduates have obtained positions in Ohio schools in  Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Sidney, Ridgeway, McGuffey, Grove City, Mansfield, Mount Vernon, Lima, New Matamoras, New Lebanon, Medina, and Washington Courthouse, as well as positions in Texas, South Carolina, Illinois, West Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Cameroon (Africa), and Peru. Our graduates quickly acquire success and distinction in their new careers.