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The Advanced Mathematical Studies Program

The Advanced Mathematical Studies (AMS) Concentration

Program description:

  • The Advanced mathematical Studies program offers a solid mathematical background geared towards graduate study in pure or applied mathematics.
  • Mathematically sophisticated, the students in this program may plan to eventually enter a career in higher education as University professors. Since virtually all undergraduates need to take mathematical classes, mathematics teachers in colleges and universities are always in high demand. In addition, in such a job you have a significant amount of time that you may allocate to the joys of the pure mathematical knowledge.
  • Alternatively, the students may choose to pursue applied research and development careers in industry, information technology, mathematical finance and investment, etc.

Extra-curricular professional activities and student success:

  • Presenting at state and/or national mathematics conferences (several student poster presentations received awards at national conferences).
  • Participating in summer research programs (REU).
  • Problem solving from mathematical journals and having their solutions recognized or published.
  • Being co-authors in faculty-student publications.
  • The students in the Mathematics with Teaching Licensure program received several NASA - OSGC Education Scholarships.

Selected student research topics: Knot theory, The Perron-Frobenius Theorem and its applications, Cryptography – one time pad, Model theory and completeness, Greatest prime factor sequences, Finite fields, Functions of matrices, Game theory, Fuzzy sets, The Stieltjes integral, Factorization algorithms on RSA encryption, Sudoku and binary integer programming, Algebra and logic, Quadratic residues: a computer - assisted journey, P-adic exponents and applications, Irrational numbers. Brief: Number theory, Knot theory, Matrix theory, Analysis, Logic.

Placement upon graduation: GRADUATE SCHOOLS – University of Indiana, University of Florida, North Carolina State University, Ohio State University, West Virginia University, University of Akron, Miami University, Bowling Green State University, etc.