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The Office of Student Conduct – Life Outside the Classroom

Welcome to the August installment of “Life Outside the Classroom”!

Your student’s arrival on ONU’s campus as a new Polar Bear is quickly approaching. Make sure your student is on the lookout the week of Aug. 4-8, 2014, for “Think About It,” the online training course that is required of all new Ohio Northern University students. “Think About It” is a course developed to help new students contemplate different scenarios they may encounter while enrolled in college. Additionally, the course is designed to cover Ohio Northern University’s “hot-topic” policies such as alcohol, drugs, sexual misconduct, and the risks and dangers associated therein. The training will be sent to ONU email accounts and must be completed BEFORE students arrive on campus.

As outlined in the July newsletter, you and your student may want to take a moment to visit and discuss the Ohio Northern University Student Handbook, which contains the policies and procedures to which all ONU students are expected to adhere.

If at any point your student has concerns about the “Think About It” training, the ONU Student Handbook, or any policies and procedures, please have them contact the Office of Student Conduct directly at 419-772-3557.

Best wishes as your family wraps up its summer activities and prepares for your student’s next journey in life: Ohio Northern University!