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We Are A Polar Bear Family

We are a Polar Bear family. It is not often that a youngster chooses her college when she is 7 years old, but that is exactly what our daughter, Lauren, did! She helped move her older brother and only sibling to the Northern campus back in 2002. Lauren is now finishing her freshman year with a major in business management and a minor in dance.

Way back when she was in elementary school, she visited her older brother when he was an ONU student, and she fell in love with all things Northern! As she matured, she appreciated the excellent education he received and how ONU prepared him for his successful life after college. Our son is a 2006 alumnus of ONU with dual majors in environmental science and biology. After an awesome internship at the University of Michigan, our son was employed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and is in a career he dearly loves.

We have seen Lauren blossom and mature since she moved to Ada back in August. She cannot stop talking about how much she loves life at ONU. She has made many great friends and is getting an education second to none, in our opinion.

Helping both of our children attend ONU is one of the best decisions we have ever made. The campus is beautiful, inviting and, most importantly to parents, safe. Along with the rigorous academics, ONU offers so many avenues for students to get involved in a variety of interests. Ohio Northern’s outstanding reputation will help your student’s résumé rise to the top of the stack. This reputation, along with internships, contributes to a very high placement rate.

Having said all of this, the main reason our entire family loves ONU is the PEOPLE! You just won’t find better individuals – educators, staff, administrators and, especially, the fellow students. This has made our family a Polar Bear one – now and in the future!"

– Angie and Mark Utrup of Delphos, Ohio, the newest members of the ONU Parent Advisory Council and parents of Lauren, a freshman business management major and dance minor.