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The Office of Student Conduct – “Life Outside the Classroom”

Ohio Northern University works to afford each and every student an environment for academic success. However, this encompasses more than life just inside the classroom. Much of your time while enrolled at ONU will be spent outside of the classroom (residence halls, libraries, co-curricular involvement, etc.).

Ohio Northern has established policies and guidelines that outline expected behavior and conduct on campus. The ONU Student Handbook, which contains the Student Code of Conduct, can be found on our website. Here you will find policies pertaining to everything from life inside the residence halls to governing procedures for student organizations. ONU’s policies pertaining to alcohol, drugs and disorderly conduct, to name a few, also are contained in the Student Code of Conduct.

In August, you will receive a required training course called “Think about It” that details the importance of making sound choices (including the dangers and risks associated with alcohol, drugs and sexual misconduct) while transitioning into collegiate life. This training will be sent to your ONU email account; it must be completed BEFORE you arrive on campus. Please contact the Office of Student Conduct with any questions that may arise regarding this online training course.                  

Be on the lookout in the August Newsletter for additional information about the transition to Ohio Northern University and “Life Outside the Classroom.”