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Jobs While at College

You may think that you need a student job while attending college. Student jobs can be a great opportunity to earn spending money, learn some basic job skills, gain some work experience and maybe, just maybe, help you figure out what you want to do with your career. What’s more, employers value the work you do as a student. They see it as a means for you to gain the ability to learn to work with others who are different from yourself; gain self-confidence and leadership skills; problem-solve; improve oral and written communication; develop teamwork; gain analytical/qualitative skills; and demonstrate initiative and work ethic.

DID YOU KNOW? The top two most heavily weighted attributes employers seek from recent college graduates are internships and employment during college. – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Academic departments and administrative and student support offices all over campus hire students each year to complete tasks that are important to the daily operations of the University. Student employment is a broad term that includes federal work-study or non-work-study jobs on campus as well as jobs with off-campus employers in Ada, Bluffton, Findlay, Kenton or Lima – towns that are all within easy driving distance of campus.

A Word about Federal Work-Study

If you seek on-campus, federal work-study employment, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your eligibility. Money earned from federal work-study jobs can be used to make payments on your school loans or to meet some of your day-to-day expenses. The work-study yearly allotment makes up a portion of your total financial aid package by reducing loan eligibility, thus helping reduce loan debt. You can work and earn up to the amount offered on your financial aid package.

Apply for Student Employment NOW!

We encourage you to apply for student employment now, as most on-campus student jobs have been posted for next academic year. Application instructions can be found on the Polar Careers website

If you have any difficulties, please contact the Office of Polar Careers at 419-772-2145 or We are located on the second floor of McIntosh Center.